Author: Rebecca Johnson
Publisher: Discovery Campervans
Keywords: tips, campervan
Number of Pages: 10
Published: 2009-12-31
eBookDB-ID: EBDB100511

Are you thinking about a Campervan Holiday but not sure where to start? Planning ahead before you commence travel is a great way to ensure your holiday runs smoothly and without any unexpected surprises. This free eBook includes information about things to take, what to do when you are in your campervan and other ideas to get you started.

Author: Randy Alcorn
Publisher: Multnomah Books
Keywords: critical, concerns, mothers, unborn, life, caring, pro
Number of Pages: 144
Published: 2004-09-23
ISBN-10: 1590523695
ISBN-13: 9781590523698

So much is at stake in the abortion debate. If pro-choicers are right, precious freedoms are in jeopardy. If pro-lifers are right, innocent children are being robbed of their most basic freedom?life. Though bumpersticker slogans prevail, the facts are rarely presented. We need clear and credible answers to the central questions of the abortion debate. For those who have had abortions or are currently considering one, for pro-choicers and fence-straddlers alike, Why Pro-Life? provides answers to these questions in a concise, straightforward, and nonabrasive manner.Head: Human Life Begins?When?

Author: Usga
Publisher: USGA
Keywords: rules, status, golf, amateur
Number of Pages: 156
Published: 2002
eBookDB-ID: B000MP89DS

It is understood that not everyone who has a copy of the Rules of Golf will read it from cover to cover. Most golfers only consult the Rule book when they have a Rules issue on the course that needs to be resolved. However, to ensure that you have a basic understanding of the Rules and that you play golf in a reasonable manner, it is recommended that you at least read the Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf and the Etiquette Section contained within this publication. In terms of ascertaining the correct answer to Rules issues that arise on the course, use of the Rule book’s Index should help y

Author: World Health Organization Department of Reproducti
Publisher: Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Ce
Keywords: providers, handbook, global, planning, family
Number of Pages: 372
Published: 2007-06-11
ISBN-10: 0978856309
ISBN-13: 9780978856304

This new handbook offers clinic-based health care professionals the latest guidance on providing contraceptive methods. One of the World Heath Organization s Four Cornerstones of Family Planning Guidance, the book has been prepared through a unique collaboration between Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the United States Agency for International Development and over 30 organizations around the world.

Author: Gail L. Zellman
Publisher: RAND Corporation
Keywords: quality, tool, improving, child, care, system, rating, validity, qualistar, learning, assessing, improvement
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2008-06-25
ISBN-10: 0833044958
ISBN-13: 9780833044952

As a result of the generally low quality of child care in the United States, quality rating and improvement systems (QRISs) are proliferating in the child-care arena. This study examines the QRIS developed by Qualistar Early Learning, a nonprofit organization based in Colorado, evaluating how reliable the system1s components are, whether the QRIS process helped providers to improve, and whether and how much children benefit from such improvement.
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