Author: Peter Suber
Publisher: The MIT Pre
Keywords: essential, knowledge, press, mit, access, open
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 2012-07-20
ISBN-10: 0262517639
ISBN-13: 9780262517638

The Internet lets us share perfect copies of our work with a worldwide audience at virtually no cost. We take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity when we make our work "open access": digital, online, free of charge, and free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Open access is made possible by the Internet and copyright-holder consent, and many authors, musicians, filmmakers, and other creators who depend on royalties are understandably unwilling to give their consent. But for 350 years, scholars have written peer-reviewed journal articles for impact, not for money, and are fre

Author: Jonathan BirdwellMona Bani
Keywords: citizen, generation, introducing
Number of Pages: 124
Published: 2014-02-19
ISBN-10: 1909037532
ISBN-13: 9781909037533

Every 15 to 20 years a new generation emerges. As the last of Generation Y moves into adulthood we are on the cusp of a new generation materialising. This report presents the first detailed look at the last cohort of Generation Y, young people between the ages of 14 and 17, to determine what we can learn about the next generation to come. Headlines often focus on the difficult future that the next generation are facing; a future clouded by a competitive and fast-changing labour market, increasing housing and education costs, and new pressures from social media. Yet, instead of taking to t

Author: Australia Gov
Publisher: eBookDB
Keywords: century, asian, australia
Number of Pages: 312
Published: 2012-08-01
ISBN-10: 1921739673
ISBN-13: 9781921739675

Asia’s rise is changing the world. This is a defining feature of the 21st century—the Asian century. These developments have profound implications for people everywhere. Asia’s extraordinary ascent has already changed the Australian economy, society and strategic environment. The scale and pace of the change still to come mean Australia is entering a truly transformative period in our history. Within only a few years, Asia will not only be the world’s largest producer of goods and services, it will also be the world’s largest consumer of them. It is already

Author: Barry Scott Zelle
Publisher: University of Calgary Pre
Keywords: challenges, warmer, world, security, defence, changing, maritime, arctic, fast
Number of Pages: 410
Published: 2012-11-01
ISBN-10: 1552386465
ISBN-13: 9781552386460

In this timely new book, international scholars and military professionals come together to explore the strategic consequences of the thawing of the Arctic. Their analyses of efforts by governments and defenses, security, and coast guard organizations to address these challenges make timely and urgent reading.       Rather than a single national perspective, The Fast-Changing Maritime Arctic brings together circumpolar viewpoints from Europe and North America for an integrated discussion of strategic military, diplomatic, and security challenges in the high North.

Author: Lorna Stefanick
Publisher: AU Press
Keywords: protection, networked, world, privacy, information, knowledge, freedom, controlling
Number of Pages: 275
Published: 2011-09-30
ISBN-10: 192683626X
ISBN-13: 9781926836263

Digital communications technology has immeasurably enhanced our capacity to store, retrieve, and exchange information. But who controls our access to information, and who decides what others have a right to know about us? In Controlling Knowledge, author Lorna Stefanick offers a thought-provoking and eminently user-friendly overview of current legislation governing freedom of information and the protection of privacy. Aiming to clarify rather than mystify, Stefanick outlines the history and application of FOIP legislation, with special focus on how these laws affect the individual. To illustr

Author: Adam B. Lowther
Publisher: Air University Press
Keywords: opportunities, challenges, century, pacific, asia
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2013-05-31
ISBN-10: 1585662240
ISBN-13: 9781585662241

When Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published “America’s Pacific Century” in Foreign Policy magazine in November 2011, the administration was clearly indicating to domestic and international audiences that the United States is beginning a pivot toward the Asia-Pacific. Clinton’s article served as a spark for renewed interest in the nation’s Asia-Pacific strategy and American interests in the region. This work looks to the future of the Asia-Pacific and examines a broad range of questions that focus on diplomatic, economic, and military challenges fac

Authors: Winslow T. Wheeler, Pierre M. Sprey, George Wilso
Publisher: Center for Defense Informatio
Keywords: essays, short, labyrinth, pentagon
Number of Pages: 141
Published: 2011-03-15
ISBN-10: 0615446248
ISBN-13: 9780615446240

The Pentagon Labyrinth aims to help both newcomers and seasoned observers learn how to grapple with the problems of national defense. Intended for readers who are frustrated with the superficial nature of the debate on national security, this handbook takes advantage of the insights of ten unique professionals, each with decades of experience in the armed services, the Pentagon bureaucracy, Congress, the intelligence community, military history, journalism and other disciplines. The short but provocative essays will help you to identify the decay moral, mental and physical in America s defense
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