Author: Johann Christoph Arnold
Publisher: Orbis Books
Keywords: death, overcoming
Number of Pages: 204
Published: 2003-08-30
ISBN-10: 1570755116
ISBN-13: 9781570755118

Since 9/11, who hasn’t felt the grip of fear? Fear of accidents or acts of terror, illness or dying, loneliness or grief -- if you’re like most people, such anxieties may be robbing you of the peace that could be yours. Here, Arnold tells how ordinary men, women, & children found the strength to conquer their deepest fears. Interspersed with anecdotes from such wise teachers as Tolstoy, Dickens, & Mother Teresa, Arnold’s words offer the assurance that even in an age of anxiety, you can live life to the full & meet death with confidence. The book is filled with stories about p

Author: Friedrich Zuendel
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Keywords: darkness, battle, man, one, awakening
Number of Pages: 160
Published: 2000-01
ISBN-10: 087486982X
ISBN-13: 9780874869828

Do you believe in miracles? You will soon... Imagine miraculous healings so commonplace that physicians had to seek legal recourse because their profession was threatened. Imagine a pastor so popular that ecclesiastical superiors had to ban visitors. Now imagine that this same man, with witnesses standing by, engaged in terrifyingly real dialogues with departed souls seeking refuge in the world of the living. It all happened in one German village, and it could happen in yours. The Awakening recounts the dramatic true story of the spiritual battle that shook one small town in the Black

Author: Markus Baum
Publisher: Plough Publishing House
Keywords: bruderhof, arnold, eberhard, wind
Number of Pages: 301
Published: 1998-05
ISBN-10: 0874869536
ISBN-13: 9780874869538

The first-ever biography of an uncompromising revolutionary for Christ whose witness still reverberates around the world. Markus Baum, a prominent German journalist, presents Eberhard Arnold (1883-1935) as a role model for today’s disaffected young generation. Baum’s highly readable account examines the forces that shaped Arnold’s life. He recreates a colorful era when thousands of young men and women in Weimar Germany rejected conventional mores and struck out on a different path. Arnold, a young and aspiring writer and speaker, played a prominent role in this "Youth

Authors: Karl Barth, Christoph Blumhardt,
Publisher: Plough Pub House
Keywords: waiting, action
Number of Pages: 222
Published: 1998-06-10
ISBN-10: 0874869544
ISBN-13: 9780874869545

Given the number of people who’ve been "saved", you’d think the world was becoming a brighter place. It could be, too, if more people would grasp the joy of losing themselves in service to God and each other. People like Christoph Blumhardt, who, in his quest to get to the essentials of faith, burns away the religious trappings of modern piety like so much chaff. Blumhardt writes with unabashed fervour, but his passion encourages rather than intimidates. His witness influenced theological giants like Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Karl Barth. But "Action in Waiting" is not theology; it is
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