50 crucial questions about manhood and womanhood

Author: John Piper
Publisher: The Council on Biblical Mannhood and Womanhood
Keywords: womanhood, manhood, questions, crucial
Number of Pages: 62
Published: 1992-08-06
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Book Description:

This reviewer agrees with the basic premise that if we believe the Bible, we believe that women, in the home and in assemblies, must generally defer to men. And, wives are to be in submission to their husbands. That’s what the word of God says. This book is an intelligent discussion of questions that arise from this.

However, there are problems. One is the authors’ approval of John White’s teaching on the Holy Spirit. John White is a major proponent of gross charismatic practices, laughing revivals, being "slain in the Spirit", spiritual drunkeness, prophetic divination, etc. White’s teachings are intelligenty analyzed, reviewed, and exposed for being false, and his view of the Holy Spirit is exposed as being thoroughly occult, in the book "True to His Ways: Purity and Safety in Christian Spiritual Practice":True To His Ways Surprisingly, Piper and Grudem quote John White and endorse his teachings on the Holy Spirit, even saying, "John White is right when he writes, ’Some people believe it to be impossible that the power of the Holy Spirit could have unholy consequences in an individual’s life. But it can.’" (at page 41). It is difficult to imagine any person who has had a genuine experience of the Holy Spirit asserting it might lead to unholiness. I would fear this comes close to unforgiveable blasphemy according to the word of God. That these authors read and approve of the teachings of John White raises serious questions.

Another problem is this book’s legalistic focus on protecting hierarchy in organized Christendom, to the potential loss of the freedom that could help the word of God, which after all is the light and life of God, go forth.

From the publisher

Adapted from chapter two of Recovering Biblical Manhood & Womanhood.

Larry Crabb writes,

    "In this booklet, John Piper and Wayne Grudem have tackled some of the most important questions that need to be asked about manhood and womanhood and they have done so with clarity, balance, and a thoughtfully firm dependence on biblical data."

John Piper says,

    "This is the booklet I return to most often in dealing with the knotty issues of manhood and womanhood in ministry."

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