Republic: A Novel of America’s Future

Author: Charles Sheehan-Mile
Publisher: Cincinnatus Pre
Keywords: future, america’s, novel, republic
Number of Pages: 344
Published: 2007-05-01
ISBN-10: 0979411424
ISBN-13: 9780979411427

Book Description:

A domestic terrorist attack evokes a violent and oppressive response from the U.S. government... a labor dispute ends in violence... a young boy lies dying of a rare disease with no hope in sight. When the conflict focuses on a small town in West Virginia, Ken Murphy, Iraq veteran and Lieutenant Colonel in the West Virginia National Guard, must find a way to protect his family and community in a world turned upside down. In a future America terrifying to behold, Republic evokes the specter of civil war in a world that is simultaneously familiar and changed beyond recognition.

Republic is written and performed by Charles Sheehan-Miles (also author of Prayer at Rumayla: A Novel of the Gulf War) with music produced by Luke Tripp.


The Podler Book Review, June 7, 2007
... vital, gripping, convincing ... compelling enough you fear you’re doing something subversive simply by reading ... an engrossing read....

Chris Gerrib, Author of the Mars Run, June 8, 2007: Republic is a gripping thriller that I couldn’t put down. It’s not just literary popcorn either - you’ll be thinking about it the next day.


Reviewing this novel on July 4th, a day in which Americans celebrate independence and freedom, is supreme irony indeed!

Imagine a future when car-bomb terrorism has hit the Pentagon, when the economy is "tanking" due to the exportation of industry to other countries, and civil rights are nonexistent because of the Federal government’s investigations into possible terrorist cells and plots. Ten years ago, maybe this would be pure fiction; today in 2007 it’s not!

So it is that this author has captured and depicted in fictional form a scenario that continues to unfold. An entire community in West Virginia, Harpers Ferry, is devastated after a microsystems plant closes and lays off all personnel except those who will agree to work in the plant’s new Indonesian location. Protest runs amuck when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) violently enters the scene, and deaths on both sides follow. The latter begins to arrest many people of Iraqi descent and any who protest this illegal, unconstitutional path.

In the midst of all this havoc, Ken Murphy, an Iraq War veteran who has lost his wife in a senseless killing, now faces unemployment and loss of medical benefits desperately needed for his terminally ill son. Events spiral out of control as DHS raids continue and citizens are moving toward declaring West Virginia’s secession from the U.S.A. government.

Officers and soldiers are caught up in a growing reactionary spate of shootings and arrests approaching civil war, with fatal consequences that inflame rather than quell discontent. Anyone in the way of federal action is now the "enemy" or a "traitor."

Charles Sheehan-Miles has penned a novel in which the line between fiction and reality is so very, very thin! Republic is a taught, page-turning read that will leave any half-thoughtful person asking many questions about law, terrorism, dissent, and constitutional rights for everyone involved in such a plausible scenario. And if it’s not that real to you, the unexpected, devastating, breath-catching, haunting end will leave you reeling and wondering for sure!

Unreal but oh so very real and therefore potent and credible fiction to be read by all!

Incredible job, Charles Sheehan-Miles

Reviewed by Viviane Crystal on July 4, 2007

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