Peace Pilgrim : Her Life And Work In Her Own Words

Author: Peace Pilgrim
Publisher: Friends of Peace PIlgrim
Keywords: own, words, work, life, pilgrim, peace
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 1992-04
ISBN-10: 0943734290
ISBN-13: 9780943734293

Book Description:

The silver-haired woman walked away from her name and vowed to "remain a wanderer until mankind has learned the way of peace". On New Year's Day, 1953, she walked ahead of the Tournament of Roses parade handing out peace messages. It was the beginning of a pilgrimage that would last eighteen years. Traveling on foot without money or possessions, with only the food and shelter offered by well-wishers, she carried her simple yet compelling message throughout the United States and Canada. After the first 25,000 miles she stopped counting.

Peace Pilgrim's account of her journeys across America and her spiritual discoveries along the way continues to inspire growing numbers of readers worldwide.



Chapter 1: Growing Up 

Chapter 2: The Spiritual Growing Up 

Chapter 3: The Pilgrimage 

Chapter 4: Reflections on the Pilgrimage 

Chapter 5: Living the Simple Life 

Chapter 6: Solving Life’s Problems 

Chapter 7: Living the Spiritual Life Thoughts to Ponder 

Chapter 8: The Way of Peace 

Chapter 9: Extensions of Pacifism 

Chapter 10: Children and the Way of Peace 

Chapter 11: Transforming our Society 

Chapter 12: The Way of a Pilgrim 


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