Nathan Hale: A Play in Four Acts

Author: Clyde Fitch
Publisher: BiblioLife
Keywords: acts, four, play, hale, nathan
Number of Pages: 128
Published: 2008-12-09
ISBN-10: 0559748647
ISBN-13: 9780559748646

Book Description:

At the back are two smallish windows through which are seen trees and the blue sky ; between them is a big blackboard. At the right of the room is a small, slightly raised -platform on which is the teacher s desk; on the latter are papers, quill pens, an old ink-well,pamphlets, and books. A large globe of the world stands beside the platform. On the wall behind hangs a " birch." In front of the platform, and to one side, is a three-legged dunce s stool, unoccupied for the present. Two long, low benches for the classes are placed beneath the blackboard, and the desks and benches for the schol ars are placed on the left, facing the teacher s platform. It is toward noon of a sunny day, and the music of " Yankee Doodle " is in the air. As the curtain rises a very badly drawn, absurd piclure is seen on the blackboard, representing the boys on the ice pond of Boston Com mon, with their thumbs to their noses, driving away the British army ! Alice Adams is by the blackboard finishing this drawing. M.iss Adams is one of the older pupils, somewhat of a hoyden, already a little of a woman, lovely to look upon, and altogether a charming, natu ral girl full of high spirits. All the scholars are half out of their places and they are laughing, shouting, talking, and gesticulating. Above the din, a Boy s voice is heard.

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