Focus on the Wonder Years: Challenges Facing the American Middle School

Authors: Jaana Juvonen, Vi-Nhuan Le, Tessa Kaganoff Cathe
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: american, middle, school, facing, challenges, wonder, years, focus
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0833033905
ISBN-13: 9780833033901

Book Description:

Young teens undergo multiple physical, social-emotional, and intellectual changes, which have been viewed as setting them apart from both younger and older students. The basic concept of a separate middle school was to better focus on and serve the special needs of children in their early teens. The question is whether middle schools, as currently designed and operated, are performing that function well. Or, as some have alleged, do they unintentionally encourage poor behavior, alienation, disengagement, and low achievement? This monograph is a comprehensive assessment of the American middle school. It presents observations on a variety of very real issues

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