Diabetes Public Health: From Data to Policy

Authors: K.M. Venkat Narayan, Desmond Williams Edward W.
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Keywords: policy, data, health, public, diabetes
Number of Pages: 826
Published: 2010-11-30
ISBN-10: 0195317068
ISBN-13: 9780195317060

Book Description:

Diabetes affects over 200 million people worldwide; its chronic nature and long-term economic burden make it one of the prototypical public health problems of our time. Numerous research programs have developed over the last decade to improve the understanding of the causes, prevention and treatment of diabetes and its complications, but effective delivery of preventive strategies remains challenging at best. Efficient synthesis of the data and information from these diverse sources is crucial to prioritize interventions and assemble resources for the implementation of public health programs. This book meets this need and builds on previous works to reflect the evolution of science related to diabetes public health.
Through compelling evidence related to the current health and economic impact of diabetes, Diabetes provides effective approaches to prevent and manage diabetes through the practice of public health. It combines state-of-the-art descriptions of risk factors and complications, effective and cost-effective approaches to prevention and treatment, translational research, and genomics to give a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis on diabetes public health. Critical review and synthesis of influential epidemiologic studies and consensus statements, expected future advances in trials and technologies, and public health information resources are also highlighted topics.
Written by an array of experts in the field from the US and around the world, this book should be required reading for public health practitioners and researchers, as well as anyone involved in health policy, administration and management.


Contributors xi 

 Introduction xxi 

 Edward W. Gregg, K. M. Venkat Narayan, Desmond Williams, and 

Catherine C. Cowie 


 1 . Evolution of ClassiF cation and Diagnostic Criteria for Diabetes and Other 

Forms of Hyperglycemia 3 

 Peter H. Bennett 

 2. Type 2 Diabetes and Persons at High Risk of Diabetes 15 

 Linda S. Geiss and Catherine C. Cowie 

 3. Risk Factors for Type 2 and Gestational Diabetes 33 

 Elizabeth J. Mayer-Davis, Dana Dabelea, Jean M. Lawrence, 

James B. Meigs, and Karen Teff 

 4. Non-Type 2 Diabetes: Prevalence, Incidence, and Risk Factors 65 

 Ingrid M. Libman, Ronald E. LaPorte, Astrid M. Libman, and 

Pablo Arias 

C viii contents



 5. Diabetes and Acute Metabolic Complications, Infections, and 

InU ammation 95 

 Leonard E. Egede and Jeremy B. Soule 

 6. Diabetes and Vision 111 

 Ronald Klein, Jinan B. Saaddine, and Barbara E. K. Klein 

 7. Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease 135 

 Meda E. Pavkov, Nilka R. Burrows, William C. Knowler, 

Robert L. Hanson, and Robert G. Nelson 

 8. Diabetes and Lower-Extremity Diseases 161 

 Andrew J. M. Boulton and Frank L. Bowling 

 9. Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease 173 

 Alain G. Bertoni and David C. Goff Jr. 

 10. Diabetes in Pregnancy 195 

 Adolfo Correa-Villaseñor and Jessica A. Marcinkevage 

 11. Diabetes and Disability, Cognitive Decline, and Aging-Related 

Outcomes 225 

 Stefano Volpato and Cinzia Maraldi 

 12. B e Associations of Diabetes with Digestive, Oral, and Liver Disease, 

and Autonomic Neuropathy 247 

 Jeanne M. Clark, Christopher H. Gibbons, and Indra Mustapha 

 13. Diabetes and Mortality 267 

 Sharon H. Saydah and Mark S. Eberhardt 

 14. Impact of Ethnic and Socioeconomic Factors on Diabetes-Related Health 

and Management 285 

 Arleen F. Brown, Andrew J. Karter, and Dean Schillinger 


 15. Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes: Accomplishments and Challenges 311 

 William C. Knowler, Mary Hoskin, Jeffrey M. Curtis, 

Robert G. Nelson, and Robert L. Hanson contents ix

 16. Implementing Programs for the Primary Prevention of Diabetes in 

Non-Health-Care Settings: From Evidence to Practice 319 

 Ronald T. Ackermann and David G. Marrero 

 17. EG ectiveness of Individual-Level Interventions to Prevent Vascular 

Complications 343 

 Amanda I. Adler 

 18. Quality of Diabetes Care (Current Levels, Distribution, and Trends) 

and Challenges in Measuring Quality of Care 373 

 Leonard M. Pogach and David C. Aron 

 19. EG ectiveness of Interventions at the Health System, Provider, and Patient 

Levels to Improve the Quality of Diabetes Care 413 

 Catherine Kim, Hae Mi Choe, Yeong Kwok, and Jennifer Wyckoff 

 20. Economic Costs of Diabetes and the Cost-EG ectiveness of Interventions to 

Prevent and Control B is Disease 431 

 Ping Zhang and Rui Li 

 21. Adult Diabetes and Quality of Life, Psychosocial Issues, and Sexual 

Health 471 

 Roger T. Anderson, Manjiri D. Pawaskar, Fabian Camacho, and 

Rajesh Balkrishnan 


 22. B e Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs in the United States and 

Public Health Law and Policy 493 

 Patricia Thompson-Reid and Kristina L. Ernst 

 23. National Diabetes Education Program and the Role of Partnership in the 

Prevention and Management of Diabetes 521 

 Jane Kelly, Joanne M. Gallivan, and Charles M. Clark Jr. 


 24. Prevalence/Incidence, Risk Factors, and Future Burden of Type 1, Type 2, 

and Gestational Diabetes in Developing Countries 553 

 Chittaranjan S. Yajnik, Terrence Forrester, Kaushik Ramaiya, 

Nikhil Tandon, Shailaja Kale, and Marshall Tulloch-Reid x contents

 25. B e Quality of Diabetes Care and the Prevention and Control of Diabetes 

in Developing Countries: An Illustration from India 581 

 Viswanathan Mohan and Rajendra Pradeepa 

 26. Diabetes Prevention and Control Programs in Developing Countries 603 

 Ambady Ramachandran and Chamukuttan Snehalatha 


 27. Diabetes in the Young: Actions for the 21st Century 625 

 Giuseppina Imperatore, Barbara Linder, and David J. Pettitt 

 28. Public Health Genomics of Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and Diabetic 

Complications 665 

 Robert L. Hanson, Robert G. Nelson, and William C. Knowler 

 29. Promising Technological Frontiers in Monitoring and Treatment 687 

 David C. Klonoff 

 30. Translation Research and Major Ongoing Clinical Trials 705 

 Evan M. Benjamin 

 31. Public Health Decision Making and Risk Perception 729 

 Julie S. Downs, Wändi Bruine de Bruin, Baruch Fischhoff, and 

Elizabeth A. Walker 

 32. Public Health Policy Decisions and Diabetes: Considerations and 

Case Studies 751 

 Frank Vinicor 

 33. Diabetes Public Health Information Resources 761 

 Joanne M. Gallivan and Matt Petersen 

 Index 781 

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