The Freedom Philosophy (The Freeman Library)

Author: The Foundation for Economic Education
Publisher: Foundation for Economic Education
Keywords: library, freeman, philosophy, freedom
Number of Pages: 146
Published: 1990-04-25
ISBN-10: 091061475X
ISBN-13: 9780910614757

Book Description:

An overview of the Freedom Philosophy, with various essays by Leonard Read, Hans Sennholz, Frank Chodorov, F.A. Harper, Albert Jay Nock, and others.


The Freedom Philosophy 

I. Freedom: An Overview 

1. The Essence of Americanism 

by Leonard E. Read 

II. In the Market Place 

2. The Case for Economic Freedom 

by Benjamin A. Rogge 

3. Free Enterprise: The Key to Prosperity 

by Clarence B. Carson 

4. The American Way in Economics 

by Edmund A. Opitz 

III. Political Aspects 

5. Frederic Bastiat on Liberty 

(selected excerpts) 

6. The Source of Rights 

by Frank Chodorov 

7. Think Twice Before You Disparage Capitalism 

by Perry E. Gresham 

IV. Moral Foundation 

8. The Moral Foundation of Freedom 

by Ralph Husted 

9. Morals and Liberty 

by F. A. Harper 








87 V. Personal Practice 

10. Looking Out for Yourself 

by Leonard E. Read 

11. Different Yardsticks 

by Hans F. Sennholz 

12. Not Yours to Give 

by Davy Crockett 

13. Isaiah’s Job 

by Albert Jay Nock 

VI. In Retrospect and Prospect 

14. I, Pencil 

by Leonard E. Read 

Summing Up

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