Managing Your Health : A Guide for People Living with HIV or AIDS

Authors: Brent; Robichaud, Francis Patterson Illustrated
Publisher: Community Aids Treatment Information Exchange
Keywords: hiv, aids, living, people, health, guide, managing
Number of Pages: 331
Published: 1997-05-29
ISBN-10: 1896135137
ISBN-13: 9781896135137

Book Description:

CATIE champions and supports innovation and excellence in knowledge exchange for the prevention of HIV transmission, and the care, treatment and support of people with HIV by:

• collaborating with and building the capacity of front line organizations to use knowledge effectively to respond to the HIV epidemic;
• supporting and connecting people with HIV, other individuals, and organizations to develop, synthesize, share and apply HIV knowledge;
• acting as a central contact point for the flow of comprehensive, accurate, unbiased, timely and accessible HIV information and community-based knowledge.

Table of Contents


How to use this book


1. You’ve just been diagnosed with HIV…

2. HIV … the basics

3. Your healthcare team

4. Healthy living

5. Complementary and alternative therapies

6. Your emotional health

7. Your sexual health

8. Positive Prevention

9. Monitoring your health

10. Treatments

11. Side effects and symptoms

12. HIV-related infections and cancers

13. Hospital stays

14. HIV and rehabilitation

15. Women and HIV

16. Children and HIV

17. Immigrants, refugees and non-status people with HIV

18. HIV and aging

19. Access to treatment

20. Money matters

21. Legal issues

22. Housing




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