Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul : Finding Peace, Passion, & Purpose (Tickle Your Soul Series)

Author: Suzanne Zoglio
Publisher: Tower Hill Pr
Keywords: soul, purpose, tickle, series, passion, finding, life, tickles, create, peace
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2000-06-01
ISBN-10: 0941668126
ISBN-13: 9780941668125

Book Description:

Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul is a guide to living the life you want. It’s about finding more peace, passion, and purpose. It’s filled with real-life stories of people who decided to take back their lives and live from the inside out. Dr. Zoglio offers practical tips for figuring out what’s best for you next, and then shows you how to get it. Create A Life That Tickles Your Soul is the winner of the year 2000 Independent Publisher Award as best Self-Help book, and a Top 10 Outstanding Book of the Year winner as "Most Life-Changing".



Author’s Note…11


Suggestions for midlife pioneers 

Chapter One…33

Dream ’til you get light-headed…

feel the rush of clear vision and strong desire

Chapter Two…57

Take responsibility for your present…

look back to the future

Chapter Three…89

Create “tenant” rules for thoughts in your mind…

if they don’t behave, evict ’em

Chapter Four…107

Take your passions for a walk every day...

enjoy, embrace, and celebrate

Chapter Five…123

Build bridges without tolls…

create relationships of caring and trust

Chapter Six…149

Stretch until you feel it…

move out of your comfort zone to realize your potential

Chapter Seven…169

Make a difference every day…

change the world one act at a time


Along the road to a tickled soul 

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