To Advance their Opportunities: Federal Policies Toward African American Workers from World War I to the Civil Right Act of 1964

Authors: Judson MacLaury,  Ray Marshall
Publisher: Newfound Press
Keywords: world, war, civil, right, workers, american, opportunities, federal, policies, african, advance
Number of Pages: 313
Published: 2008-10-20
ISBN-10: 0979729238
ISBN-13: 9780979729232

Book Description:

To Advance Their Opportunities chronicles the development of federal policies and programs impacting African American workers, examining the fascinating and rarely seen workings of federal bureaucracies as they attempted to rein in racism in the nation’s federally funded workplaces. The book traces the hard-won gains made by African American workers and the crucial role of the civil rights movement and its supporters in urging the federal government to action. This scholarly and timely work also brings to light the little known story of the birth of affirmative action.


Foreword vii

Preface 2014 xv 

Preface 2008 xvii

PART I. Crisis-Driven Federal Action from World War I 

through the Great Depression, 1914-1940

Chapter 1. World War I and After 3

Chapter 2. Depression and New Deal 43

PART II. Institutionalization of Executive Action, 1940-1960

Chapter 3. World War II and the FEPC 85

Chapter 4. Truman Administration, 1945-1952 105 

Chapter 5. Eisenhower Administration, 1953-1960 129

PART III. Culmination of Executive Action, 1960-1964

Chapter 6. Birth of the President’s Committee on Equal 

Employment Opportunity 157

Chapter 7. The Committee Gets Underway 181 

Chapter 8. The Kheel Report and Beyond 199

Chapter 9. The Department of Labor in the Kennedy-Johnson Era 217

Epilogue 237 

Notes 241

Bibliography 281

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