The Lays of Marie de France (Mingling Voices)

Author: David R. Slavitt
Publisher: AU Press
Keywords: voices, mingling, france, marie, lays
Number of Pages: 122
Published: 2013-11-15
ISBN-10: 1927356350
ISBN-13: 9781927356357

Book Description:

The twelve "lays" of Marie de France, the earliest known French woman poet, are here presented in sprightly English verse by poet/translator David R. Slavitt. These old Breton folk tales were the raw material for Marie de France’s series of lively but profound considerations of love, life, death, fidelity and betrayal, and luck and fate. They are acute observations about the different kinds of choices women make, startling in the late twelfth century and challenging even today. The lays, which combine a woman’s wisdom with an impressive technical bravura, are a minor treasure of European culture.



List of Figures ix 

Acknowledgements xi

Introduction 1

 The Research Journey 2

 Background of the Study 4

 Connecting Voices 9

 Introducing the Nurse Practitioners 12

 Nurse Practitioners’ Transformational Journey 15

Chapter 1 

Being Called to Be More 21

 Being More Connected 25

 Being More in Control 26

 Being More Visible 29

 Being More Challenged 32

 Being Able to Make More of a Difference 35

 Answering the Call: Initiating the Journey 37

Chapter 2 

Being Adrift 43

 Being Disconnected 49

 Being Uncertain 60

 Being Lost 82

 Staying Afloat 92Chapter 3 

Being a Nurse Practitioner 107

 Being Competent 110

 Being Confident 121

 Being Comfortable 138

 Being Committed 153

 Being Connected 173

 Being Content 192

Chapter 4 

Being Pulled to Be More 211

 Being a Wearer of Two Hats 228

Chapter 5 

Being More 237

 Being an Advanced Practitioner 243

Chapter 6 

Breaking Silence and Giving Voice 257

References 267

Publication Acknowledgments 279

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