Eating well for a healthy pregnancy: A practical guide

Author: Dr Helen Crawley
Publisher: First Steps Nutrition Trust
Keywords: guide, practical, pregnancy, healthy, eating
Number of Pages: 94
Published: 2014-03-06
ISBN-10: 1908924187
ISBN-13: 9781908924186

Book Description:

This guide is now available as a free pdf download and provides general advice for health professionals to support all pregnant women about food, nutrition and pregnancy. It includes recipes and meal ideas and will hopefully sit alongside other local public health guidance to provide practical explanation of what ’eating well’ looks like in practice. 


As with all our resources the information is in line with current Government policy and has been reviewed by experts in the field. 



About this guide 4

PART 1 Advice on eating well in pregnancy 5

Why does eating well in pregnancy matter? 6

Talking to women about eating well in pregnancy 7

Eating well in pregnancy – the most important points 8

Which important nutrients do women need in pregnancy, and why? 9

Important vitamins that all pregnant women should take as a supplement 13

Which vitamin supplements are suitable for pregnant women? 14

General eating well advice 15

Cutting down on saturated fat, sugar and salt 21

Weight and activity 23

Looking after bones and teeth – for both baby and mum 25

Top tips for meal planning in pregnancy 27

Foods and drinks to limit or avoid during pregnancy 36

Managing food and eating during pregnancy 38

Questions and answers 39

Preparing to breastfeed 40

PART 2 Putting the eating well advice into practice 41

How much do pregnant women need to eat? 42

Example meals and snacks 42

Flexible eating patterns 43

Eating well on a budget 44

Eating well for £4 a day 46

Ideas for meals and snacks 48

Resources 87

Index 92

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