Get Content. Get Customers.

Author: Newt Barrett Joe Pulizzi
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: customers, content
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2007
eBookDB-ID: ML00146141

Book Description:

The eBook, Get Content.Get Customers., is designed as a concise & practical guide to the brand new world of content marketing. It’s an abbreviated version of their 2008 print version, to be released in early 2008.
Readers can expect to learn the following:

鈥he 3 reasons traditional marketing isn鈥檛 working
鈥ontent marketing is the biggest industry you鈥檝e never heard of
鈥hat content marketing really is and why it is important
鈥hy you must now think like a publisher today
鈥he 11 biggest benefits of content marketing
鈥he seven deadly sins of content marketing
鈥hat Best Buy, MindJet, and ThomasNet are doing to drive business through the use of great content
鈥hat specific methods you should use to implement your content strategy now

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