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Author: Workneh Abebe
Publisher: ILRI (aka ILCA and ILRAD)
Keywords: region, tigray, determinants, financial, benefits, zone, eastern, hive, improved, atsbi, wemberta, district, adopting
Number of Pages: 36
Published: 2008

Author: Cristina Chaplain
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: space, system, radar, faces, challenges, communications, satellite, progress, making, adopting, practices, transformational, dod
Number of Pages: 515
Published: 2008-04
ISBN-10: 1428987835
ISBN-13: 9781428987838

DoD is working to achieve info. superiority over adversaries & share info. seamlessly among disparate weapons systems. Two programs envisioned as a part of this effort are Transformational Satellite Commun. System (TSAT) & Space Radar (SR). TSAT is designed to provide rapid worldwide secure commun. with air & space systems -- including SR -- through radio frequency & laser commun. links. SR will provide global all-weather intell., surveill., & reconnaissance, particularly in denied areas, for mil., nat. intell., & civil users. TSAT & SR devżt. efforts are expected to be among the most costly

Author: Aslı Demirgüç-Kunt
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: work, globe, insurance, deposit
Number of Pages: 42
Published: 2001

Developing countries should first address weaknesses in their informational and supervisory environments before adopting explicit deposit insurance.

Author: US Dog Fence LLC
Keywords: shelter, home, days, seven, rescue, first, adopting
Number of Pages: 107
Published: 2010-09-31
eBookDB-ID: EBDBY52R28

Rescuing a dog from a shelter is a wonderful way to give a dog a second chance at life, and find yourself a new best friend. But, how do you help start this new relationship off on the right paw? This FREE Guide walks you through the first seven days of adopting a rescue dog. Veterinarian Dr. Susan Wright and Editor Misty Weaver take you through the first seven days, from selecting a dog that will be a good fit with your family (Chapter Four) through to establishing routines (Chapter Seven), and socialization (Chapter Eleven). Each chapter ends with a real story from a family that ad

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: farm, agricultural, practices, adopting, adapting, trials, explore
Number of Pages: 96
Published: 2003
ISBN-10: 9251050783
ISBN-13: 9789251050781

Aims "at improving sustainable production of rainfed wheat-based farming systems through increasing understanding of the effects of localized environmental factors on crop and varietal performance."

Author: Al Gore
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: management, financial, accompanying, report, perf, national, improving, cost, results, tape, creating, government, works, red
Number of Pages: 91
Published: 1996-06
ISBN-10: 0788129074
ISBN-13: 9780788129070

This report provides the needed road map to change today's unsatisfactory status quo. The first part deals with the steps necessary to build a strong financial management infrastructure. The second concentrates on adopting good business practices.

Author: Ross Shotton
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: rights, fisheries, quota, transferable, studies, allocation, case
Number of Pages: 388
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 9251046751
ISBN-13: 9789251046753

In moving towards, or adopting, rights-based management, how quota will be allocated is one of the earliest operational decision that fisheries administrators face and it is inevitably controversial. This report, consisting of 23 studies, describes how the initial allocations of transferable fishing (effort) or fish (catch) quotas have been done by a variety of fisheries management regimes.
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