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Author: Mo Hone
Publisher: Pluto Network
Keywords: wisdom, esoteric, astrology, ageless, appreciation, rays, new, seven
Number of Pages: 380
Published: 2006-11-01
ISBN-10: 0955430100
ISBN-13: 9780955430107

This book is about a new spiritual philosophy that is based on two concepts, one old and one new. The first is the Seven Rays, which can be used to classify all manner of things both spiritual and mundane, and demonstrates that there are seven different approaches to spirituality because each individual’s soul or Higher Self functions on just one of these Rays. The relationship between each of the Seven Rays and how these energies work into physical manifestation introduces the second concept of angles, which are non-physical energy connections that form the bluep

Author: Michael Laitman
Publisher: Bnei Baruch/Laitman Kabbalah Publishers
Keywords: didn, magician, story, forever, together
Number of Pages: 36
Published: 2008-11-25
ISBN-10: 1897448120
ISBN-13: 9781897448120

In "Together Forever", Michael Laitman tells us that if we are patient and endure the trials we encounter along our life’s path, we will become stronger, braver, and wiser. Instead of growing weaker, we will learn to create our own magic and our own wonders as only a magician can. In this warm, tender tale, the author shares with children and parents alike some of the gems and charms of the spiritual world.The storyline introduces a kind magician who wishes to have a friend, and to teach his friend all the magic that he knows. He creates all kinds of objects and animals, but his best fri
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