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Author: Maeve P. Carey
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: agencies, 110th, congress, independent, positions, appointments, full, time, presidential
Number of Pages: 46
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1437986439
ISBN-13: 9781437986433

Contents: (1) Intro.: Appointments (App.) Process: Selection, Clearance, and Nomination; Senate Consideration; App.; Recess App.; Temporary App.; App. During the 110th Congress; Average Time to Confirm a Nomination; (2) Nominations and Incumbents: Full-Time (FT) Positions in Indep. Agencies; (3) Nominations and Incumbents: FT Positions in the Exec. Office of the Pres.; (4) Nominations and Incumbents: FT Positions in Multilateral Org.; (5) Nominations and Incumbents: FT Positions in Legislative Branch Agencies. Appendixes: Summary of all Nominations and App. to Independent and Other Agencies; N

Author: Richard M. Stana
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: timeliness, application, processing, impede, factors, benefits, several, immigration
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2003-09
ISBN-10: 0756716764
ISBN-13: 9780756716769

Reviews the INS application (app.) workload, quantifies the resources expended adjudicating (adj.) apps., determines the factors affecting INS' ability to process apps., & identifies INS actions to improve processing. Addresses these questions: Since 1994, how have INS' adj. budget, staffing, & workload changed? Since 1994, has INS experienced backlogs in processing apps. for imm'n. benefits? How long does it take INS to process apps. from the time of receipt until completion? What factors affect INS' app. backlogs & processing times & what actions has INS taken or planned to address them? & W

Author: Susan Navarro Smelcer
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: proceedings, impeachment, judicial, senate, role
Number of Pages: 31
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437932312
ISBN-13: 9781437932317

Contents: (1) Intro.; (2) Overview of the Impeachment Process in the House and Senate; (3) Rules Governing Senate Impeachment Proceedings; (4) Organizing the Senate for Trial; (5) Role of the Presiding Officer; (6) Use of an Impeachment Trial Committee: Org. and Respon. of the Committee; Procedure During the Preliminary Phase of Its Proceedings; Procedure During the Evidentiary Phase of Its Proceedings; Submitting a Report to the Full Senate; (7) Deliberation by the Full Senate; (8) Judgment by the Full Senate; (9) Length of Senate Impeachment Trials; (10) Concluding Observations; App. A. H. R

Authors: Larry Downes, Chunka Mui,
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press
Keywords: market, dominance, strategies, digital, killer, app, unleashing
Number of Pages: 243
Published: 1998-05
ISBN-10: 087584801X
ISBN-13: 9780875848013

When digital technologies, products, and services converge in radical, creative new ways, a killer app can emerge--transforming industries, redefining markets, and annihilating the competition. Tempted by the promise of such profound power, companies ranging from the largest multinationals to individual entrepreneurs are remaking themselves into organizations that nurture, rather than merely respond to, killer apps. How do they do it? Strategists Larry Downes and Chunka Mui argue that managers must abandon many of their most cherished planning and control processes. Control and

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on App
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: oceanography, physical, statistics
Number of Pages: 76
Published: 1993
eBookDB-ID: NAP:00218

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on App
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: workshop, proceedings, sets, data, massive
Number of Pages: 222
Published: 1996
eBookDB-ID: NAP:10735

Author: National Research Council (U.S.). Committee on App
Publisher: National Academies
Keywords: aircraft, report, principles, prevention, fracture, application
Number of Pages: 280
Published: 1973
eBookDB-ID: NAP:10747
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