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Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: electric, power, applications, processing, affecting, regulation, factors, electricity
Number of Pages: 68
Published: 1994-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788103571
ISBN-13: 9780788103575

A review of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's (FERC) processing of applications for the approval of proposed wholesale electricity transactions. Identifies factors affecting the time that FERC takes to process electric power applications; the potential effects of the 1992 act on FERC's work load; and potential procedural changes that could reduce the time needed to decide on applications. Charts and tables.

Author: SAS Institute
Publisher: SAS Publishing
Keywords: reference, language, component, sas
Number of Pages: 848
Published: 2004-04-30
ISBN-10: 1590472195
ISBN-13: 9781590472194

SAS Component Language (SCL) provides the power and flexibility to build all types of applications, from simple programs to sophisticated systems. This reference guide shows you how to use SCL to build the real-worldapplications that your organization requires. For the novice applications developer this title describes the structure of SCL programs, describes the basic elements of the SCL language, and provides guidelines for compiling and testing applications. The experienced applications developer will find detailed reference information and examples for all of the SCL functions,statements,

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: applications, architecture, bit
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 1993-08
ISBN-10: 1568064098
ISBN-13: 9781568064093

Discusses IBM's award winning OS/2, which has become one of the most popular 32-bit operating systems in history. Discusses the architecture and advantages of 32-bit operating systems, and describes a number of applications in depth. Also lists over 1,000 applications for the IBM OS/2 2.0 operating system. Graphs, charts, and figures.

Author: Jane Greenberg
Publisher: Universitätsverlag Göttingen
Keywords: applications, metadata, core, september, berlin, dublin, international, semantic, social, proceedings, conference
Number of Pages: 235
Published: 2008-09
ISBN-10: 3940344494
ISBN-13: 9783940344496

Author: Gregory J. Rosasco
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: water, oxidation, proceedings, supercritical, involving, federal, programs, workshop
Number of Pages: 314
Published: 1993-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788100424
ISBN-13: 9780788100420

Covers: energy recovery, space life support applications, hazardous waste, shipboard applications, conventional munitions, therodynamics and kinetics, and much more. Graphs and diagrams.

Authors: Christelle Guéret, Christian Prins, Marc Sevaux,
Publisher: Dash Optimization Ltd.
Keywords: xpressmp, optimization, applications
Number of Pages: 349
Published: 2002-09-01
ISBN-10: 0954350308
ISBN-13: 9780954350307

Applications of optimization with Xpress-MP Overview Optimization using Mathematical Programming makes it possible to solve many economic, commercial and industrial problems. The development of powerful and easy to use software means that this tool is now available to a large audience. This book concentrates on the modeling process, which is then applied to solve 60 real problems grouped by subject into ten chapters. Besides classical industrial problems, such as transport and scheduling, there are less well known and more recent application areas such as telecommunications, personnel manage

Author: Steven T. Karris
Publisher: Orchard Publications
Keywords: applications, engineering, simulink, introduction
Number of Pages: 66
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1934404217
ISBN-13: 9781934404218

A complete reference text in Simulink, a product of The MathWorks, Inc. Contains numerous real-world engineering and math applications, and examples for all blocks in the Simulink libraries.
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