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Author: Gerald L. Dillingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: could, africa, benefit, reassessment, coordination, challenges, safety, aviation, federal, efforts, address, international
Number of Pages: 43
Published: 2009-11
ISBN-10: 1437919065
ISBN-13: 9781437919066

The African continent is important to U.S. economic, strategic, and foreign policy interests, and efforts have been made to improve commerce and connectivity to benefit the two regions. However, the continent has the highest aviation accident rate in the world, which has hindered progress. Recognizing the importance of improving aviation safety in Africa, the U.S. and the international aviation community have worked to improve aviation safety in Africa. This report discusses: (1) challenges in improving aviation safety in Africa; (2) key U.S. efforts to improve aviation safety in Africa and th

Author: United States, Subcommittee on Aviation, Governmen
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: aviation, subcommittee, chairman, committee, transportation, representatives, house, infrastructure, report, remains, screener, security, training, performance, strengthened, measurement, work
Number of Pages: 66
ISBN-10: 1428930590
ISBN-13: 9781428930599

Author: United States, Subcommittee on Aviation, General A
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: aviation, infrastructure, subcommittee, house, committee, transportation, report, actions, challenges, related, building, runways, address
Number of Pages: 91
ISBN-10: 1428939024
ISBN-13: 9781428939028

Author: J. Michael Bollinger
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: completion, several, years, way, recommendations, security, implementation, aviation
Number of Pages: 60
Published: 1998-06
ISBN-10: 0788180258
ISBN-13: 9780788180255

The FAA (Federal Aviation Admin.), other federal agencies, & the aviation industry are implementing 31 recommendations on aviation security made by a White House Commission. This report addresses: (1) How do the federal agencies responsible for implementing aviation security recommendations track, monitor, & coordinate their activities? (2) What progress has FAA made in implementing 3 of the Commission's aviation security recommendations that were scheduled to be completed in FY 1997 & have all implementation issues been resolved? (3) What progress has FAA made in implementing 5 critical recom

Author: Allen Li
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: aviation, mountain, flying, risks, pilots, general, safety, faa, prepare
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 1993-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788141554
ISBN-13: 9780788141553

Examines the FAA oversight of general aviation safety in mountainous areas. These recommendations are aimed at improving FAA's efforts to prepare general aviation pilots for the greater risks of flying in mountainous areas. Examines the legal and safety issues involved with the prohibition established against general aviation night operations at Aspen, CO Airport. Identifies the extent to which mountainous areas present higher risks than non-mountainous areas for general aviation, and actions that FAA is taking and should take to reduce the risks associated with mountain flying and the impact

Author: Cathleen A. Berrick
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: security, aviation, key, programs, work, remains, investments, planning, transportation, administration, strengthened, guide
Number of Pages: 17
Published: 2009-03
ISBN-10: 1437908551
ISBN-13: 9781437908558

Since its inception in Nov. 2001, the Transportation Security Admin. (TSA) has focused much of its efforts on aviation security, and has developed and implemented a variety of programs and procedures to secure the commercial aviation system. TSA funding for aviation security has totaled about $26 billion since FY 2004. This Congressional testimony focuses on TSAżs efforts to secure the commercial aviation system through passenger screening, strengthening air cargo security, and watch-list matching programs, as well as challenges that remain. It also addresses crosscutting issues that have imp

Author: Gerald L. Dillingham
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: reduction, noise, prospects, achieving, goals, uncertain, aligned, environment, nasas, plans, aviation, faas
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 2008-08-01
ISBN-10: 1437903193
ISBN-13: 9781437903195

Reducing aviation noise is important to the efficient operation and expansion of the National Airspace System because community opposition to aviation noise is a major obstacle to airport and runway development. The FAA and NASA have the primary fed. responsibility for R&D on aviation noise. FAA focuses on the impacts of aviation noise on communities, while NASA focuses on noise at its source -- aircraft engines and airframes. Both FAA and NASA have set noise reduction goals. This report addresses: (1) FAA¿s and NASA¿s R&D plans for addressing aviation noise and the extent to which they are
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