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Author: Gyeorgos C. Hatonn
Publisher: Phoenix Source Distributors, Inc.
Keywords: awaken, name, god
Number of Pages: 228
Published: 1994-03-01
ISBN-10: 1569350345
ISBN-13: 9781569350348

Author: Swami Prakashananda
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: direct, awaken, consciousness, inner
Number of Pages: 33
ISBN-10: 1440052654
ISBN-13: 9781440052651

Author: Samuel Sagan
Publisher: Clairvision School Foundation
Keywords: eye, third, awakening
Number of Pages: 290
Published: 1997-06-01
ISBN-10: 0958670056
ISBN-13: 9780958670050

A step by step method to awaken the third eye and engage spiritual vision. A manual packed with practical information and techniques on clairvoyance, dowsing land energies, psychic sleep, perceiving acupuncture meridians, psychic protection and grounding. The book also presents a number of fundamental principles of the Clairvision work.

Author: Samuel Sagan
Publisher: Clairvision
Keywords: secrets, atlantean, awaken, sleeper
Number of Pages: 373
Published: 1999-01-01
ISBN-10: 0958670072
ISBN-13: 9780958670074

This spellbinding epic novel is first volume of the tetralogy in which Samuel Sagan presents the wonders of the Atlantean World, predictions regarding the future of humanity, and initiation secrets - past, present and future. A magnificent story of heart and of a struggle for awakening, with multiple references to mythology and cosmology. It tells of the end of one world, and the birth of a new one. Expect surprises!

Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center
Keywords: god, signs
Number of Pages: 137
Published: 2001-03-01
ISBN-10: 1890350044
ISBN-13: 9781890350048

'The Signs of God' explores the importance of mystical consciousness at this time of global transition. In the depths of the heart is hidden the secret purpose of creation, which is the key to our present time of transformation. The work of the mystic is to make this key accessible to humanity, and so open the doors of revelation. The possibilities of the future are present but veiled, the joy of life is waiting to return. The mystic can help us to awaken to the oneness that is essential to life, and to recognize the signs of God that will guide us and reveal our true purpose.

Author: Brian Johnston
Publisher: Penn State Press
Keywords: society, dead, awaken, pillars, plays, cycle, design, ibsen
Number of Pages: 436
Published: 1992-07
ISBN-10: 0271008741
ISBN-13: 9780271008745

'Attempting no less a task than to demonstrate that Ibsen planned his last twelve plays, beginning with Pillars of Society, as a cycle paralleling exactly Hegel's account of the evolution of the human consciousness, The Phenomenology of Mind, Johnston offers a fresh look at the Norwegian master. Although there is little specific biographical data in support of the author's thesis, he argues compellingly for it in his analysis of the texts themselves. After discussing Hegel's dramatic method of exposition and Ibsen's philosophy, Johnston examines each of the twelve plays in considerable detail.

Author: Darwin Stephenson
Publisher: Theopneusty Media
Keywords: happiness, enlightenment, health, path, divine, purpose, inspiration
Number of Pages: 398
Published: 2009-10
ISBN-10: 0979972108
ISBN-13: 9780979972102

Darwin Stephenson's message in Inspiration Divine reveals a simple understanding of how discovering one's purpose will bring about the enlightenment of both yourself and all of humanity. By distinguishing what we are and why we're here, Inspiration Divine provides a prescription for evolving beyond our current physical existence to a Spiritual existence.Whereas science and religion struggle to find common ground, Inspiration Divine reveals an understanding of our Universe, God and Humanity to bring evolution, physics and the Divine into a single theory. Filled with timely and powerful tools fo
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