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Author: K. S. Tyson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: guidelines, handling, biodiesel
Number of Pages: 69
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437911099
ISBN-13: 9781437911091

A guide for those who blend, distribute, and use biodiesel and biodiesel blends. Will help fleets and individual users, blenders, distributors, and those involved in related activities understand procedures for handling and using biodiesel fuels. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel manufactured from vegetable oils, animal fats, and recycled cooking oils. It offers many advantages: It is renewable; It is energy efficient; It displaces petroleum derived diesel fuel; It can be used in most diesel equipment with no or only minor modifications; It can reduce global warming gas emissions; It can reduce ta

Author: R. L. McCormick
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: biodiesel, milestone, report, blends, empirical, stability, study
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437911145
ISBN-13: 9781437911145

In support of the U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) Fuels Technologies Program Multiyear Program Plan Goal of identifying fuels that can displace 5% of petroleum diesel by 2010, the Nat. Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL), in collaboration with the Nat. Biodiesel Board (NBB) and with subcontractor Southwest Research Institute, performed a study of biodiesel oxidation stability. The objective of this work was to develop a database to support specific proposals for a stability test and specification for biodiesel and biodiesel blends. B100 samples from 19 biodiesel producers were obtained during Dec. 2005 an

Author: Donald L. Van Dyne
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: methyl, ester, biodiesel, production, structure, organizational, new, generation, cooperatives, evaluating
Number of Pages: 51
Published: 1998-04-30
ISBN-10: 0788178180
ISBN-13: 9780788178184

Includes: background & philosophy of New Generation Coops (NGCs); NGCs vs. conventional coops; initiation & implementation of NGCs; producing methyl ester/biodiesel from soybean oil under conventional & new generation coop ownership & operation; conventional soybean marketing & processing; traditional system & NGC system; an illustrative case of a new generation coop owning & operating a community-based soybean processing/transesterification plant; biodiesel production potential in Central Missouri on a per acre basis; & the economics of an illustrative application of retained ownership on a p

Author: T. L. Alleman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: philippines, samples, task, final, report, fuel, diesel, coconut, derived, biodiesel, conventional, analysis
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437911161
ISBN-13: 9781437911169

The Nat. Renewable Energy Lab. (NREL) provided technical assistance to the Philippines in the area of biodiesel property testing and utilization. Three fuel samples were provided to NREL from the Philippines. These fuel samples were an unadditized diesel fuel, an additized diesel fuel, and a coconut derived biodiesel (coconut methylester or CME) fuel. Results from the fuel property testing show that the unadditized diesel fuel, the additized diesel fuel, and the CME samples met the Philippine Nat. Standards for diesel fuel quality. The 1% and 5% blends of CME in the diesel fuels also met the c

Author: Paul Martin
Publisher: Grown Fuel
Keywords: producer, small, biodiesel
Number of Pages: 14
Published: 2006-01
ISBN-10: 0646457578
ISBN-13: 9780646457574

Author: Unknown
Publisher: IICA
Keywords: amricas, biodiesel, las, biocombustibles, agroenerga, los, atlas
Number of Pages: 378
ISBN-10: 9292481967
ISBN-13: 9789292481964

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: modified, agricultural, fats, oils, genetically, conventional, development, new, markets, biodiesel
Number of Pages: 35
ISBN-10: 1428907890
ISBN-13: 9781428907898
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