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Author: Raymond Sturgis
Publisher: Raymond Sturgis
Keywords: tired, black, sh*t, women, men
Number of Pages: 131
Published: 2010-07-11
ISBN-10: 1453702148
ISBN-13: 9781453702147

Black women for years have been strongly dealing with black men and their issues of race, jobs and acceptance. This book reflects the anger and frustrations of black women being a single parent and bread winner in the family. Also, the book corroborates black women need for love, and sincere commitment in marriages and relationships. Black women are tired of domestic violence, verbal abuse and disrespect and this is their shout out to those that convey such insensitivity toward them.

Author: Earl G. Graves, Ltd.
Publisher: Earl G. Graves, Ltd.
Keywords: enterprise, black
Number of Pages: 188
Published: 2000-12
eBookDB-ID: 00064165

BLACK ENTERPRISE is the ultimate source for wealth creation for African American professionals, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Every month, BLACK ENTERPRISE delivers timely, useful information on careers, small business and personal finance.

Author: A.L. Reynolds III
Publisher: Hastingshouse/Daytrips Publ.
Keywords: black, men, women, hate
Number of Pages: 196
ISBN-10: 0803820968
ISBN-13: 9780803820968

Author: Leonard Susskind
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: revolution, holographic, universe, theory, string, black, holes, information, introduction
Number of Pages: 208
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 9812560831
ISBN-13: 9789812560834

- A unique exposition of the foundations of the quantum theory of black holes including the impact of string theory, the idea of black hole complementarily and the holographic principlebull; Aims to educate the physicist or student of physics who is not an expert on string theory, on the revolution that has grown out of black hole physics and string theory

Author: George L. Cook, III
Publisher: George Cook
Keywords: poetry, honestly
Number of Pages: 36
Published: 2004-05-30
ISBN-10: 1932852433
ISBN-13: 9781932852431

"Black people LET'S TALK HONESTLY. Let's talk about women, men, and other issues in the black community as seen from a young black mans view. Are you ready?"

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: black, female, participation, involvement, affairs, military, male, american, americans, defense, nation, pictorial, documentary
Number of Pages: 360
Published: 1990-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788126458
ISBN-13: 9780788126451

Covers every war fought by the U.S. Includes: both men and women, black recipients of the medals of honor, black military role models, graduates of the military service academies, statistical factors on blacks in the military, black civilian workforce in the DoD, and much more. Encyclopedic! Over 200 photos, including: General Colin L. Powell, Brig. Gen. Hazel W. Johnson, Gen. Roscoe Robinson, Jr., Brig. Gen. Marcelite J. Harris, Gen. Bernard P. Randolph, Astronaut Mae. C. Jemison, Lt. Col. Thomas L. Bain, Brig. Gen. Sherian G. Cadoria.

Author: Helen Walker-Hill
Publisher: Center for Black Music Rsrch
Keywords: available, scores, bibliography, composers, black, women, music
Number of Pages: 110
Published: 1995
ISBN-10: 0929911040
ISBN-13: 9780929911045
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