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Author: Vincent Kuitenbrouwer
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: war, south, african, propaganda, pro, words, dutch, boer
Number of Pages: 404
Published: 2012-12-15
ISBN-10: 9089644121
ISBN-13: 9789089644121

Between 1899 and 1902 the Dutch public was captivated by the war raging in South Africa between the Boer republics and the British Empire. Dutch popular opinion was on the side of the Boers: these descendants of the seventeenth-century Dutch settlers were perceived as kinsmen, the most tangible result of which was a flood of propaganda material intended as a counterweight to the British coverage of the war. The author creates a fascinating account of the Dutch pro-Boer movement from its origins in the 1880s to its persistent continuation well into the twentieth century. Kuitenbrouwer offers fa

Author: Diana Rose Cammack
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: war, boer, anglo, witwatersrand, rand
Number of Pages: 246
Published: 1990
ISBN-10: 0520068521
ISBN-13: 9780520068520

Diana Cammack provides a rich and readable account of events in the city of Johannesburg that led to the Anglo-Boer War, and she enhances our understanding of both the effects of British imperialism at the turn of the century and the development of the unique racial order of contemporary South Africa. Incorporating social, political, and military history, this work covers events on the Rand during the final year before the war including the flight of well over a hundred thousand black and white refugees in a few weeks of panic; refugee life at the coast; and work, politics, and life on the Ran

Author: Monica den Boer
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: security, human, viability
Number of Pages: 273
Published: 2008-06-01
ISBN-10: 9053567968
ISBN-13: 9789053567968

This volume elaborates on the EU report A Human Security Doctrine for Europe, adding an engaging discussion of international legal consequences and operational demands in the European Union's quest for domestic security. Introducing the concept of "Human Security from Below," the editors highlight how people in war-torn countries have no choice but to create their own security arrangements. But such structures, surprisingly, are not unique to war zones, the contributors revealhuman security initiatives from below occur in even the most stable Western countries. Arguing that human security as a

Author: Paul Ashton
Keywords: thinking, fate, hegel, spirit
Number of Pages: 379
Published: 2008-01-20
ISBN-10: 0980305268
ISBN-13: 9780980305265

'It belongs to the weakness of our time not to be able to bear the greatness, the immensity of the claims made by the human spirit, to feel crushed before them, and to flee from them faint-hearted.' (Hegel's Lectures on the History of Philosophy, v2, p. 10) Is it becoming more obvious today that the thinkers of the post-Hegelian era were/are not 'able to bear the greatness, the immensity of the claims made by the human spirit'? Is our era the era of the 'faint-hearted' philosophy? Celebrating 200 years since the publication of The Phenomenology of Spirit this volume addresses these questions t

Author: Servais Hutschemakers
Publisher: Sidestone Press
Keywords: van, weleer, volksdiergeneeskunde, kwam, veearts, voor
Number of Pages: 142
Published: 2008-12-30
ISBN-10: 9088900132
ISBN-13: 9789088900136

A veritable veterinary museum, a large collection of historical objects used in treating animal diseases in the past brought to life with the stories about their use and collection. Farmer Servais Hutschemakers illuminates a lost world. (Dutch text) Volksdiergeneeskunde is een vrijwel verdwenen,en wat geheimzinnige, wereld van praktische oplossingen, kwakzalverij, toverij, geloof en bijgeloof. Een bijna ontoegankelijke wereld die alleen kan worden betreden door mensen die vertrouwen inboezemen, door intimi. Zon vertrouwens persoon is Servais Hutschemakers, zelf boer geweest en zijn hele leven

Author: Winston Spencer Churchill
Publisher: Arc Manor LLC
Keywords: member, parliament, speeches, collection, social, problem, liberalism
Number of Pages: 197
Published: 2007-01-10
ISBN-10: 0978653645
ISBN-13: 9780978653644

A fascinating collection of early speeches to Parliament from perhaps the greatest orator and statesman of the twentieth century and the winner of the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature. **** In 1904 Winston S. Churchill crossed the parliamentary floor and became a member of the Liberal Party. When the Liberals took office, Churchill became the Under-Secretary of State for the Colonies becoming the most prominent member of the Government outside the Cabinet (in 1908 he also became a member of the Cabinet). **** The speeches in this collection deal with some of the most important issues of the day,
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