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Author: Marlo
Publisher: Edel Germany GmbH
Keywords: joyful, sounds, fun, wisdom, experience, buddha
Number of Pages: 124
Published: 2004-08-19
ISBN-10: 393740614X
ISBN-13: 9783937406145

For more than two and a half millennia, Buddha's words have reached out to people, but the doctrine of wisdom from the Far East was never relevant as in our times. With artfully arranged photographs and excerpts of Indian wisdom, The Buddha Experience invites you to join a journey into the modern world of Buddha. Music CDs: This earBOOK offers exclusively produced chill-out and lounge music. It is inspired by Eastern influences and emphasizes the colorful world of images turning The Buddha Experience into an event for the senses.

Author: Nils Horn
Publisher: Nils Horn
Keywords: orakel, buddha
Number of Pages: 77
Published: 2009-08-08
ISBN-10: 140929515X
ISBN-13: 9781409295150

Werde ein Buddha. Ăberlege dir eine Zahl von 1 bis 64. Lies den Text im Buddha-Orakel nach.

Authors: T Y Lee,  Ajahn Brahm, Piya Ta,
Publisher: KepMedia International
Keywords: heaven, nibbana, path, anyone
Number of Pages: 84
Published: 2013-06-04
ISBN-10: 9810589417
ISBN-13: 9789810589417

The profound principles of the Buddha’s Teachings are systematically presented and lucidly explained by T Y Lee in a very readable style that is contemporary, simple and convincing. A firm and ’friendly’ stepping stone for seekers looking for an overview of the basic principles of Buddhism." - Ven. Aggacitta “Buddhism is more than a religion, it is a way of using the mind. Buddhists don’t just have different beliefs from others, they gradually learn to use their minds differently and with the transformation of the mind everything else changes. This little book of

Author: Edmond Holmes
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: buddha, creed
Number of Pages: 230
Published: 1957
ISBN-10: 1605061085
ISBN-13: 9781605061085

Author: Shravasti Dhammika
Publisher: Buddhist Publication Society
Keywords: disciples, buddha
Number of Pages: 116
Published: 2005
ISBN-10: 9810045255
ISBN-13: 9789810045258

Author: Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: buddhism, gospel, buddha
Number of Pages: 459
Published: 1916
ISBN-10: 1440062595
ISBN-13: 9781440062599

Author: Hermann Oldenberg
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: order, doctrine, life, buddha
Number of Pages: 467
Published: 1928
ISBN-10: 1440050937
ISBN-13: 9781440050930
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