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Author: Eileen R. Larence
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: support, checks, counterterrorism, efforts, testimony, congressional, background, explosives, screening, watchlist, fbi, enhanced, firearm, information, terrorist
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437933114
ISBN-13: 9781437933116

Membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms or explosives under current federal law. However, for homeland security and other purposes, the FBI is notified when a firearm or explosives background check involves an individual on the terrorist watchlist. This statement addresses: (1) how many checks have resulted in matches with the terrorist watchlist; (2) how the FBI uses information from these checks for counterterrorism purposes; and (3) pending legislation that would give the Attorney General authority to deny certain checks. Includes recommend

Author: Danny R. Burton
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: criminal, background, check, system, instant, national, controls, options, improving, gun
Number of Pages: 78
Published: 2000-08
ISBN-10: 075670328X
ISBN-13: 9780756703288

Provides information about the effectiveness of the Brady Act's phase I (P1) & phase II (P2) provisions in preventing the sale of firearms to prohibited individuals. Addresses the following: (1) regarding access to databases or other information sources for conducting background checks to identify individuals prohibited by law from receiving firearms, how does P1 compare with P2? (2) What are the advantages & disadvantages of NICS background checks being conducted by a designated agency vs. such checks being conducted by the FBI? (3) to what extent have default proceeds resulted in forearms be

Author: Laurie E. Ekstrand
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: involving, checks, terrorist, watch, records, list, background, related, terrorism, control, fbi, could, firearm, manage, gun
Number of Pages: 42
Published: 2005-06-01
ISBN-10: 075674816X
ISBN-13: 9780756748166

Membership in a terrorist org. does not prohibit a person from owning a gun under current law. Thus, during presale screening of prospective firearms purchasers, the Nat. Instant Criminal Background Check System historically did not utilize terrorist watch list records. However, for homeland security & other purposes, the FBI & applicable state agencies began receiving notices when such screening involved watch lists records. This report determined: (1) how many checks have resulted in valid matches with terrorist watch list records, (2) procedures for providing federal counter-terrorism offic

Author: Laurie Ekstrand
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: background, check, system, criminal, instant, control, implementation, national, gun
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2000-06
ISBN-10: 075670183X
ISBN-13: 9780756701833

Provides info. on a wide variety of topics related to the permanent provisions (phase II) of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act. On Nov. 30, 1998, the Brady Act's permanent provisions went into effect with implementation of the Nat. Instant Criminal Bckgrnd. Check System (NICS). Managed by the FBI, this computerized system is used to make presale background checks for purchases from Fed. firearms licensees of all firearms, not just handguns. This report focuses on background checks conducted by the FBI's NICS Office. Presents info. on 4 topics: stat. on bckgrnd. checks, NICS oper.; deni

Author: Scott A. Thompson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: flight, inspection, faa, story, check
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 1990-08-01
ISBN-10: 0788147285
ISBN-13: 9780788147289

This is a history of flight inspection from 1926 to 1990. Flight inspection is provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure that the National Airspace System is the safest and most reliable system in the world. Flight inspection is a term used to define electronic airborne flight checks (quality assurance) of airway navigational ground-based radio aids and space-based satellites assuring their accuracy and performance. Under Public Law, the FAA is responsible for accomplishing these checks. The FAA performs flight inspection services in over 50 countries. Over 100 photos. Bi

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: issues, options, purchasers, firearm, record, checks, automated
Number of Pages: 55
ISBN-10: 1428921435
ISBN-13: 9781428921436

Author: Richard M. Stana
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: process, granting, permanent, residency, vulnerabilities, address, benefits, actions, needed, immigration
Number of Pages: 44
Published: 2009-05-01
ISBN-10: 1437913105
ISBN-13: 9781437913101

Since 9/11, a concern has been that terrorists or their supporters would seek to immigrate to the U.S. (i.e., seek lawful permanent residency (LPR)). The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) conducts background checks for those applying for LPR. This report reviews USCIS's processes for screening individuals applying for LPR. The auditor assessed: what data show about the extent to which national security concerns were discovered during USCIS background checks for LPR applications; what issues USCIS has encountered in its background check processes and what actions have been taken
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