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Author: Robin M. Nazzaro
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: wild, land, fires, communications, improving, assessment, protecting, structures, technology
Number of Pages: 124
Published: 2005-09
ISBN-10: 1422300560
ISBN-13: 9781422300565

Since 1984, wildland fires have burned 850+ homes each year & the number of homes at risk is growing. The primary responsibility for ensuring that preventive steps are taken to protect homes lies with homeowners & state & local gov'ts., not the fed. gov't. The ability to communicate among all parties fighting a fire -- known as interoperability -- is essential, but is hampered because different public safety agencies operate on different radio frequencies or use incompatible communications equip. This report assesses: measures that can help protect structures from wildland fires, factors affec

Author: T. J. Skip Arey
Publisher: Paladin Press
Keywords: guide, monitoring, radio
Number of Pages: 330
Published: 2003-08-01
ISBN-10: 158160405X
ISBN-13: 9781581604054

Using the explicit insturctions in this book, you can explore the worlds of espionage, international politics, foreign wars, ships at sea, cellular phone activity, emergency services and any other arena where the airwaves are used to communicate.

Author: United States, General Accounting Office
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: committee, investigations, oversight, general, banking, financial, representatives, house, services, subcommittee, report, needs, fincen, laundering, communicate, regulatory, lines, time, priorities, money
Number of Pages: 58
ISBN-10: 1428976531
ISBN-13: 9781428976535

Author: United States, Senate, United States Postal Servic
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: postal, report, plans, chairman, committee, senate, affairs, governmental, optimization, retail, usps, service, needs, clearly, services, communicate, affected
Number of Pages: 51
ISBN-10: 1428938559
ISBN-13: 9781428938557

Authors: Bart Beaty, Derek Brito,
Publisher: UBC Pre
Keywords: popular, culture, canadian, contexts, communicate, iii, canadians
Number of Pages: 328
Published: 2009-12-15
ISBN-10: 1897425597
ISBN-13: 9781897425596

The contributors to this third volume of How Canadians Communicate focus on the question "What does Canadian popular culture have to say about the construciton and negotiation of Canadian national identity?" They show how popular culture is negotiated across the different terrains where a sense of national identity is built, by producers and audiences, government and industry, history and geography, ethnicities, and citizenships. Canada does indeed have a popular culture distinct from other nations, and these contributors are out to prove it. About the Editors Bart Beaty is an associate profe

Author: Jack Ogden
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: jewellery, ancient
Number of Pages: 68
Published: 1992-07-07
ISBN-10: 0520080300
ISBN-13: 9780520080300

00 Jewellery has a rare power to communicate, even across millennia, the feelings, beliefs, and aspirations of the people who wore it. Jewellery also contributes to the study of ancient art and metalworking techniques, for great skill was required to create what are often small-scale works of art. But the importance of surviving artifacts of the jeweller's craft--quite apart from the inherent attraction of individual pieces--is now increasing as the number of new scientific techniques available to archaeologists expands, complementing the more traditional methods of analysis. This book shows h

Author: Michael Daehn
Publisher: marketingenious
Keywords: marketing, guide, increasing, complete, genius, keys, seven
Number of Pages: 173
Published: 2004-10
ISBN-10: 1411614917
ISBN-13: 9781411614918

Many marketing books jump right into the promotion process where instructions on how to broadcast the marketing message are described in detail. The problem with that approach is that if you are sending out the wrong message, it will not only be ineffective but counterproductive. The Seven Keys starts with defining the message that you are going to broadcast, then it explains the best way to communicate that message, and finally how to guage and maintain an effective marketing campaign. FREE downloadable e-book version at:
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