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Author: Michael Brostek
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: courts, attention, leadership, further, policies, implementation, personnel, requires
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 2000-10
ISBN-10: 0756704855
ISBN-13: 9780756704858

Examines the personnel management (PM) policies & practices of the D.C. Courts. Those practices have been criticized by some employees of the D.C. Courts, who individually have alleged that the Courts' PM practices are unfair & at odds with the Courts' policies on PM. This report determined whether: the Courts' applicable policies for 6 basic personnel activities or functions were consistent with commonly accepted PM principles &, the Courts generally adhered to their policies when implementing the 6 personnel activities or functions: performance evaluation, competitive & noncompetitive promot

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: adhere, oversight, standards, operations, court, judiciary, reviews, federal
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788133896
ISBN-13: 9780788133893

The Fed. judiciary consists of the Supreme Court, 12 circuit courts of appeals, 94 district courts, 92 bankruptcy courts, the Court of Internat. Trade, the Court of Appeals for the Fed. circuit, & the Court of Fed. Claims. The FY Ô96 budget is $3.3 billion, & it employs 28,000 persons. This report reviews the internal oversight of admin. operations within the Fed. judiciary, including those of local courts. Examines how the Admin. Office of the U.S. Courts assesses the efficiency of local courts & promotes the use of efficient admin. practices within the judiciary.

Author: Robert J. Niemic
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: sourcebook, judges, lawyers, appeals, courts, conference, programs, federal, mediation
Number of Pages: 117
Published: 1997-06
ISBN-10: 0788143654
ISBN-13: 9780788143656

This sourcebook is a reference guide on mediation & conference programs in the federal courts of appeals -- programs that offer a way for courts to deal with increasing filings without increased demand for circuit judgeships. The sourcebook responds to requests from the appellate courts for a detailed description of other circuits' mediation & conference programs as well as more general information about what happens in other circuits. In addition, it provides a means for attorneys to learn more about these programs; providing this information to attorneys helps the courts work more efficientl

Author: R. Chuck Mason
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: overview, martial, courts, justice, military
Number of Pages: 18
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1437984339
ISBN-13: 9781437984330

In the criminal law system, some basic objectives are to discover the truth, acquit the innocent without unnecessary delay or expense, punish the guilty proportionately with their crimes, and prevent and deter further crime, thereby providing for the public order. Military justice shares these objectives in part, but also serves to enhance discipline throughout the Armed Forces, serving the overall objective of providing an effective national defense. Contents of this report: Intro.; Military Courts-Martial: Jurisdiction; Types of Offenses; Investigation; Types of Courts-Martial: Summary Court

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: courts, briefing, report, congressional, requesters, leadership, further, implementation, personnel, policies, requires, attention
Number of Pages: 72
ISBN-10: 1428970673
ISBN-13: 9781428970670

Author: Ann M. Langley
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: directory, court
Number of Pages: 611
Published: 1998-08-01
ISBN-10: 0788177001
ISBN-13: 9780788177002

A complete directory to all Federal courts, including: U.S. Supreme Court, U.S. Courts of Appeals, U.S. Court of Federal Claims, U.S. Court of International Trade, U.S. Tax Court, U.S. Court of Veterans Appeals, U.S. Sentencing Commission, Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation, & all U.S. District Courts (arranged in alpha order by State). Complete with names, addresses & telephone numbers. Also includes the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, the Federal Judicial Center, & a complete index to all judges listed in the Directory.

Author: Richard M. Stana
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: federal, courts, filed, cases, protests, characteristics, bid
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2000-11-01
ISBN-10: 0756704871
ISBN-13: 9780756704872

An eligible person or business may file a protest challenging a Federal contract award or the procedure by which the offers were solicited. This report reviews the cases, particularly small business cases, that have been filed in district courts & U.S. Court of Federal Claims (Courts) since the Administrative Dispute Resolution Act of 1996 took effect. The report's objectives are to: identify the number of bid protest cases filed in the Courts between 1997 & 1999, that were filed by small businesses, the type of agencies involved, & the amount of the procurement; identify the perceived advanta
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