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Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: books, current, print, agriculture, sustainable
Number of Pages: 133
Published: 1997-06
ISBN-10: 0788174959
ISBN-13: 9780788174957

An annotated bibliography of current books on sustainable & alternative agriculture. Entries include title, author, editor, publisher, & annotation. Indexed by author & editor. Includes update of current books for 1998.

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: abroad, current, electric
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 1993-01-01
ISBN-10: 1568062303
ISBN-13: 9781568062303

Lists the characteristics of electric current available and the type of attachment plugs used in principal cities in over 180 countries. Details include: type of current (AC or DC), number of phases, frequency (hertz), voltage, stability of frequency and the number of wires to a commercial or residential installation. Invaluable for manufacturers, exporters and individuals living or traveling abroad.

Author: Frances M. Lussier
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: century, army, reserve, active, structuring
Number of Pages: 77
Published: 1999-09-01
ISBN-10: 0788179977
ISBN-13: 9780788179976

Addresses the question of whether the Army's current composition of almost equal numbers of active-duty & reserve soldiers is well suited to the service's current role of fighting regional conflicts & taking part in peacekeeping operations. Examines several alternative approaches for meeting the Army's force requirements, comparing the advantages & disadvantages of each alternative with those of the current Army & the Army's plan to reorganize the National Guard. Charts & tables.

Author: Wrr
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: realism, ambition, strategy, climate
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2008-10-15
ISBN-10: 9053561684
ISBN-13: 9789053561683

According to the UN-sponsored Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, current global changes in climate are 90-95% likely to have been caused, at least in part, by human activity. This challenging analysis of the current global climate struggle suggests three courses of necessary action for solving the climate problem and demonstrates their viability: adaptation to the changed climate, selection of worldwide strategies for mitigation until 2050, and an internationally coordinated effort to implement these policies. A highly readable and accessible addition to climate strategy and policy, th

Author: Steven Woehrel (au)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: policy, issues, current, ukraine
Number of Pages: 17
Published: 2011-10-01
ISBN-10: 1437986773
ISBN-13: 9781437986778

On Feb. 7, 2010, Viktor Yanukovych defeated Prime Minister Yuliya Tymoshenko to win Ukraine's presidency. Yanukovych was able to quickly form a new parliamentary majority in the current parliament by inducing dozens of supporters of the previous government to change sides. Government opponents charged that bribery and threats to the business interests of members were used to effect the change. President Yanukovych has pursued closer ties with Russia, esp. in the economic sphere. Contents of this report: (1) Background; (2) Current Political Situation; (3) Current Economic Situation; (4) Ukrain

Author: Michael Sullivan
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: strategies, adopted, address, future, risks, difficulties, addressed, acquisitions, 53k, helicopter, program, defense
Number of Pages: 23
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1437984096
ISBN-13: 9781437984095

The U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) is facing a critical shortage of heavy-lift aircraft (HLA). In addition, current weapon systems are heavier than their predecessors, further challenging the USMC's current CH-53E HLA. To address the emerging heavy-lift requirements, the USMC initiated the CH-53K HLA Replacement program, which has experienced significant cost increase and schedule delays since entering development in 2005. This report: (1) determines how the CH-53K's estimates of cost, schedule, and quantity have changed since the program began and the impact of these changes; and (2) determines how

Author: Catherine H. Conly
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: strategies, knowledge, current, gangs, street
Number of Pages: 126
Published: 1993-07-01
ISBN-10: 0788108808
ISBN-13: 9780788108808

Summarizes research & professional criminal justice perspectives on gangs; describes some current gang prevention, intervention, & suppression strategies; & presents recommendations for dealing with street gangs at the community level. Extensive bibliography.
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