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Author: Teresa Garlake
Publisher: Oxfam
Keywords: disasters, ages, development, teaching, dealing
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2000-06-01
ISBN-10: 1870727762
ISBN-13: 9781870727761

Author: Cynthia M. Fagnoni
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: organizations, contributions, disasters, charitable, enhance, effective, collaboration, could, september
Number of Pages: 42
Published: 2003-07-01
ISBN-10: 0756734673
ISBN-13: 9780756734671

2/3 of Amer. households donated money to charitable org. (CO) to aid in the response to the 9/11 disasters. This report is on the amount of donations that CO raised and dist., the accountability measures in place to prevent fraud, and lessons learned about how to best dist. charitable aid in similar situations. To help facilitate collab'n. among CO involved in disasters, it was recommended that FEMA convene a working group of involved parties to take steps to implement strategies for future disasters, building upon lessons learned in the aftermath of 9/11. It would address issues such as the d

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: management, prevention, disasters, consequences, psychological
Number of Pages: 30
Published: 1993-06
ISBN-10: 1568067747
ISBN-13: 9781568067742

Provides detailed information about how to cope with disasters. Provides instructions for both health care workers and lay people.

Author: Kenzo Toki
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: disasters, natural, glossary, language, multi
Number of Pages: 50
Published: 1994-01
ISBN-10: 0788101846
ISBN-13: 9780788101847

Contains 3,200 words on natural disasters that have been selected & are translated into Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese & English.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: report, disasters, world
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 1995-08
ISBN-10: 0788122614
ISBN-13: 9780788122613

Discusses crucial issues in detail from the secrets that kill people in disasters & the information that saves lives to the global risks to civilians from the 100 million anti-personnel mines scattered across the world & the new controls that could be enforced on the export & indiscriminate use of mines. Discusses a voluntary code of conduct setting out minimum standards which should be expected of relief agencies & which will take into full account the needs of people affected by disasters. Photographs & 31 tables & figures.

Author: Richard L. Skinner
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: closeout, process, disaster, fema’s, improve, opportunities
Number of Pages: 27
Published: 2011-02
ISBN-10: 1437932371
ISBN-13: 9781437932379

Addresses opportunities to improve FEMAżs process for closing out declared disasters and reporting on the status of recovery efforts. It assessed aspects of the process incl. the agencyżs policies, internal controls, and practices, focusing on determining whether the agency was closing disasters in a timely manner. Improvements are needed to close disasters in a timely manner and to reduce admin. costs associated with disasters that should have been closed sooner. The report notes several opportunities which exist to improve the closeout process and expedite the release of unneeded obligatio

Author: Stanley J. Czerwinski
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: recovery, future, gustav, disasters, congressional, testimony, ike, hurricanes, past, experiences, offer, lessons, disaster
Number of Pages: 15
Published: 2009-09
ISBN-10: 1437915051
ISBN-13: 9781437915051

Recovery from major disasters is a complex undertaking that involves the combined efforts of fed., state, and local govżt. in order to succeed. While the fed. govt. provides a significant amount of financial and technical assistance for recovery, state and local jurisdictions work closely with fed. agencies to secure and make use of those resources. This testimony describes lessons and insights that have been identified from review of past disasters, which may be useful to inform recovery efforts in the wake of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav, as well as disasters yet to come. These lessons come fr
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