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Author: Pamela B. Nelson
Publisher: The Historical Society of PA
Keywords: ethnic, institute, studies, balch, games, images, toys, exhibition
Number of Pages: 32
Published: 2006-10
ISBN-10: 1422358232
ISBN-13: 9781422358238

Author: William Thomas Johnsen
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: europe, implications, conflict, ethnic, reopened, pandora
Number of Pages: 89
Published: 1994
ISBN-10: 1428914943
ISBN-13: 9781428914940

The resurgence of ethnic animosities in Europe has substantial consequences for the United States, which has a vital interest in maintaining peace and stability in Europe. Because ethnic conflict potentially represents a significant threat to those national objectives, a strong likelihood exists that the United States will continue to be involved in efforts to prevent or resolve ethnically motivated violence. The purpose of this study is to help prepare soldiers, policymakers, and statesmen for future U.S. involvement in ethnic conflict in Europe. The study offers a brief explanation of the st

Author: David Satcher
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: americans, asian, pacific, islanders, hispanics, natives, alaska, racial, among, ethnic, minority, groups, tobacco
Number of Pages: 347
Published: 1998-04
ISBN-10: 0788177958
ISBN-13: 9780788177958

Focuses on tobacco use among four U.S. racial/ethnic minority groups. Provides a single, comprehensive source of data on each racial/ethnic group's patterns of tobacco use, physical effects related to tobacco smoking & chewing, societal & psychosocial factors associated with tobacco use, & a selection of specific tobacco control programs. Now, health professionals can plan appropriate programs to address more effectively the health needs of these groups. Certain racial/ethnic minority populations remain at high risk for using tobacco & often bear a disproportionate share of the human & economi

Author: Dianne Louise Smith
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: asian, militaries, central, ethnicity, pandora, opening
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 1998
ISBN-10: 1428912967
ISBN-13: 9781428912960

The author examines whether ethnic consciousness affects military service and the specific roles played by ethnic groups within the armed forces, or if military institutions affect ethnicity. The Soviets used military service as a tool to break down ethnicity and create a "New Soviet Man." They failed. Do Central Asian armed forces break down ethnic divisions and serve as a vehicle for social integration or do they reinforce ethnic consciousness within minorities and therefore sharpen ethnic polarization? Ethnicity tore the Soviet Union apart. Can the Central Asian states avoid that fate? Will

Author: Hussein D. Hassan
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: minorities, religious, ethnic, iran
Number of Pages: 14
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 143793806X
ISBN-13: 9781437938067

Iran is home to approximately 70.5 million people who are ethnically, religiously, and linguistically diverse. The central authority is dominated by Persians who constitute 51% of Iranżs population. Iranians speak diverse Indo-Iranian, Semitic, Armenian, and Turkic languages. The state religion is Shia, Islam. Contents of this report: (1) Recent Developments; (2) Background; (3) Persian Dominance; (4) Under the Islamic Regime: History of Ethnic Grievances; Ethnic Unrest; (5) Major Ethnic Minority Groups: Azeris; Kurds; Arabs; Baluchis; (6) Religious Minority Groups: Sunni Muslims; Bahażis; C

Author: Ton Derks
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Keywords: power, tradition, role, antiquity, constructs, ethnic
Number of Pages: 353
Published: 2009-05-01
ISBN-10: 9089640789
ISBN-13: 9789089640789

This bold and original volume explores themes of ethnicity and ethnogenesis in the societies of the ancient world. It starts with a current view held by many in the social and historical sciences, namely that ethnicity is a subjective concept shaped through an interaction with the ethnic other. The thirteen essays collected here analyze historical, epigraphic, and archaeological source material in order to consider the dynamic nature of ethnic formations over time, and range thematically from archaic Greece to early medieval Western Europe.

Author: Mary Frances Berry
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: inequality, discrimination, national, perspective, poverty, communities, ethnic, tensions, american, racial
Number of Pages: 209
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788141686
ISBN-13: 9780788141683

In 1991 the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights embarked upon a long term investigation into the factors contributing to increased racial and ethnic tensions throughout the U.S. This report covers: hate incidents; changing demographics; multiculturism; socioeconomic factors; and civil rights. Five key themes emerged as primary causes of persistent, and in some cases, increased racial and ethnic tensions: crisis in leadership; media portrayals of existing tensions; deficiencies in the educational system; disparities in the criminal justice system; and growing economic inequality.
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