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Author: Jorielle R. Brown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: occurring, disorders, practices, based, evidence, understanding
Number of Pages: 162
Published: 2008-01-01
ISBN-10: 1428987975
ISBN-13: 9781428987975

The advantages of employing evidence-based practices (EBPs) are now widely acknowledged across the medical, substance abuse, & mental health fields. This overview paper discusses EBPs & their role in the treatment of co-occurring disorders (COD). Practitioners seldom have as much evidence as they would like about the best clinical approach to use in any given clinical situation. This paper discusses EBPs & their use in treating persons with COD, discusses how evidence is used to determine if a given practice should be labeled as evidence based, & gives some brief examples of EBPs for COD. Ther

Author: Kristina Rose
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: scene, first, responders, reference, investigation, crime, electronic
Number of Pages: 50
Published: 2010-11
ISBN-10: 1437933408
ISBN-13: 9781437933406

This publication is a quick reference for first responders who may be responsible for identifying, preserving, collecting, and securing evidence at an electronic crime scene. It describes different types of electronic devices and the potential evidence they may hold and provides an overview of how to secure, evaluate, and document the scene. It includes an overview of how to collect, package, and transport digital evidence and lists potential sources of digital evidence for 14 crime categories.

Author: Edward Connors
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: evidence, establish, innocence, trial, dna, studies, juries, exonerated, science, case, convicted
Number of Pages: 119
Published: 1996-02
ISBN-10: 0788131257
ISBN-13: 9780788131257

The development of DNA technology furthers the search for truth by helping police & prosecutors in the fight against violent crime. Most of the individuals whose stories are told in the report were convicted after jury trials & were sentenced to long prison terms. They successfully challenged their convictions, using DNA tests on existing evidence. They had served, on average, seven years in prison. By highlighting the importance & utility of DNA evidence, this report presents challenges to the scientific & justice communities. A task ahead is to maintain the highest standards for the collecti

Author: David Satcher
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: executive, summary, general, surgeon, smoking, report, women
Number of Pages: 15
Published: 2008-05
ISBN-10: 1437900895
ISBN-13: 9781437900897

This is the second report of the U.S. Surgeon Gen. devoted to women & smoking. The first was pub. in 1980, 16 years after the initial landmark report on smoking & health appeared in 1964 which demonstrated that smoking was a cause of human cancer & other diseases. Most of the early evidence was based on men. By the time of the 1980 report, the evidence clearly showed that women were also experiencing devastating health consequences from smoking & that żthe first signs of an epidemic of smoking-related disease among women are now appearing.ż This report reviews the now massive body of evidenc

Author: Jeremy Grace
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: partial, review, evidence, development, based, communication, technologies, broad, information
Number of Pages: 65
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0821355635
ISBN-13: 9780821355633

Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are increasingly seen as integral to the development process. This working paper reviews:(a) some of the evidence for the link between telecommunications and the internet and economic growth;(b) the likely impact of the new ICTs on income inequality; and(c) anecdotal evidence regarding the role of the Internet in improving government services and governance.This study looks at methods to maximize access to the new ICTs, and to improve their development impact in both the generation of income and the provision of quality services.

Author: Janet Reno
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: enforcement, law, guide, evidence, eyewitness
Number of Pages: 53
Published: 1999-12
ISBN-10: 0756709431
ISBN-13: 9780756709433

Written & approved by a multidisciplinary group of content-area experts incl. rep's. of law enforcement, the prosecution, the defense, & forensic science. Eyewitnesses frequently play a vital role in uncovering the truth about a crime. The evidence they provide can be critical in identifying, charging, & convicting suspected criminals. That is why it is absolutely essential that eyewitness evidence be accurate & reliable. Chapters: initial report of the first responder; mug books & composites; interviewing the witnesses by the followup investigator; field identification procedure; & procedures

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: trials, evidence, clinical, review, treatment, cholesterol
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 1996-08
ISBN-10: 0788133578
ISBN-13: 9780788133572

A review of the clinical trials evidence which was used to support the development of the National Cholesterol Education Program guidelines. Meant to provide evidence about the correlation between coronary heart disease (CHD) and high cholesterol levels and the need to create new guidelines for education and treatment in an effort to prevent cases of CHD. Findings of studies and clinical trials are included, along with charts and graphs which show the trends and correlations. The objectives, scope, and methodology used in each study is discussed.
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