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Authors: Don Snyder, Patrick Mills, Manuel Carrillo, Adam
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: forces, space, expeditionary, air, sustainability, capabilities, supporting
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 0833038613
ISBN-13: 9780833038616

The Department of Defense in recent years has shifted from sizing and shaping its forces using threat-based planning to structuring its forces to provide a range of capabilities. Given this transition, the need has arisen for new methods to assess the Air Force

Authors: Mahyar A. Amouzegar, Robert S. Tripp, Ronald G. M
Publisher: RAND
Keywords: combat, support, basing, options, analysis, forces, air, space, expeditionary, supporting
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 2004
ISBN-10: 0833036750
ISBN-13: 9780833036759

The U.S. Air Force is committed to the Air and Space Expeditionary Force concept and the transformation that is necessary for it to project power quickly to any region of the world. Forward positioning of heavy war reserve materiel (WRM) resources in optimal forward support locations (FSLs) is key to the Air Force

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: logistics, expeditionary
Number of Pages: 88
ISBN-10: 1428993843
ISBN-13: 9781428993846

Author: Michael B. Berger
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: 1990s, sea, corps, marine, moving
Number of Pages: 164
Published: 2008-03
ISBN-10: 1428987797
ISBN-13: 9781428987791

Since the island-hopping campaign in the Pacific Ocean during World War II, the Marine Corps has viewed the ability to conduct amphibious assaults -- attacks launched from the sea against targets on land -- as its primary mission. In support of this mission, the U.S. Navy operates a fleet of 63 amphibious warfare ships that have been specially designed for amphibious operations. The Adminżs. goal is to provide enough capacity to transport the assault echelons of one Marine Expeditionary Force & one Marine Expeditionary Brigade. This analysis addresses the Adminżs. goals for amphibious ships

Author: Richard G. Davis
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: force, aerospace, expeditionary, reform, anatomy
Number of Pages: 111
Published: 2003
ISBN-10: 142899002X
ISBN-13: 9781428990029

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: world, ocean, investigations, expeditionary, marine, russian
Number of Pages: 188
ISBN-10: 1428961143
ISBN-13: 9781428961142

Author: Andrew M Dorman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: implications, army, warfare, expeditionary, adaptation, european
Number of Pages: 41
ISBN-10: 1428910956
ISBN-13: 9781428910959
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