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Author: Michael L. Morris
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: practice, guidelines, learned, lessons, african, agriculture, fertilizer
Number of Pages: 162
Published: 2007-02
ISBN-10: 082136880X
ISBN-13: 9780821368800

The limited use of fertilizer by farmers in Africa stands in contrast to the much more extensive use of fertilizer by farmers in other developing regions. This contrast has stimulated considerable discussion about what should be the role of fertilizer in helping countries of Africa achieve their agricultural development goals, and what types of policies and programs can help realize the potential benefits of fertilizer in African agriculture.'Fertilizer Use in African Agriculture' summarizes the findings of a major study undertaken by the World Bank to identify promising policy options for pro

Author: James M. MacDonald
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: congress, report, energy, fertilizer, manure
Number of Pages: 53
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437921434
ISBN-13: 9781437921434

About 5% of all U.S. cropland is currently fertilized with livestock manure. Expanded environmental regulation through nutrient management plans will likely lead to wider use of manure on cropland, at higher production costs, but with only modest impacts on commodity demand, or farm structure. While current use is limited, expanded gov¿t. support could lead to a substantial increase in manure use as a feedstock. However, current energy processes are unlikely to compete with fertilizer uses of manure, because they leave fertilizer nutrients as residues, in more marketable form, and because man

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: requirements, fertilizer
Number of Pages: 44
Published: 2000-09
ISBN-10: 9251044503
ISBN-13: 9789251044506

The specific objective of this paper is to explore the bounds on the amount of fertilizer needed to support FAO projections of agricultural commodity production for 2015 and 1030. This study represents an unprecedented coordinated effort, involving both the private and the public sectors, in order to arrive at a result which is of fundamental importance for world agriculture and for the mineral fertilizer industry.

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: strategies, fertilizer
Number of Pages: 98
Published: 1999
ISBN-10: 9251043515
ISBN-13: 9789251043516

This document presents guidelines for governments on the development of fertilizer strategies. It illustrates the difference before and after the involvement of the private sector and offers solutions for improvement. It discusses the role of fertilizers in the development of agriculture along with the factors that have an impact on their use by farmers, gives practical suggestions for decision-makers regarding production or import of ferilizers and then deals with the many issues involved in the efficient distribution and marketing of fertilizers and, finally, with the institutional framework

Author: J. Harold Parker
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: dealers, agrichemical, fertilizer, handbook, environmental
Number of Pages: 298
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788112236
ISBN-13: 9780788112232

A comprehensive guide to the environmental issues of most concern to today's retail fertilizer & agrichemical dealers & associated industry representatives. Covers environmental stewardship; environmental site assessments; containment; agricultural chemicals; state regulations; federal regulations; SARA-Title III; hazard communications; transportation regulations; containment for large tanks; stormwater regulations, & economic costs & benefits. Appendices: environmental checklists; information hotlines; key organizations; & model site demonstrations.

Author: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Na
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: officers, extension, guide, pocket, fertilizers
Number of Pages: 82
Published: 2000-01
ISBN-10: 9251044147
ISBN-13: 9789251044148

This booklet is a concise and simple tool for extension staff on the use of fertilizers. It explains the need for mineral fertilizers for agricultural development in support of food security and the maintenance of soil productivity. The booklet addresses the role of fertilization in plants in relation to soil characteristics. It provides general fertilizer recommendations for selected crops and contains information on deficiency symptoms and soil and plant tissue testing. Practical suggestions are also offered regarding the design of fertilizer use demonstrations and extension techniques in ge

Author: Marcie Francis
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: regulators, contaminants, fertilizer, report, background
Number of Pages: 409
Published: 2000-07-01
ISBN-10: 0756700663
ISBN-13: 9780756700669

Provides information on fertilizer use, consumption patterns, composition & regulations. This information is for fertilizers from natural mineral sources & those that are derived from industrial byproducts. The data for heavy metals in fertilizers are used to provide estimates of the rates at which these metals may be added to agricultural soils from standard agronomic practices. The additions of heavy metals to agricultural soil are discussed in terms of federal & international regulations. This report focuses on inorganic fertilizers & their application to agricultural lands. Also gives info
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