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Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: obtain, home, mortgages, people, helping, fha, role, homeownership
Number of Pages: 126
Published: 1996-12-01
ISBN-10: 0788136682
ISBN-13: 9780788136689

Reviews the role of the Federal Housing Admin. (FHA) in providing mortgage credit to home buyers. Specifically, this report discusses: (1) the terms of the mortgage insurance offered by FHA, private mortgage insurers, and the U.S. Dept. of Veterans' Affairs; (2) the characteristics of borrowers of insured mortgages and the overlap between FHA-insured mortgages and privately insured mortgages; and (3) other methods used by the federal government to promote affordable homeownership. Of the 3.5 million home purchase loans made in 1994, FHA insured 15%.

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: reserves, default, prevention, efforts, loss, loan, management, fha, multifamily, hud
Number of Pages: 42
ISBN-10: 078814085X
ISBN-13: 9780788140853

HUD, through the Fed. Housing Admin. (FHA) insures private lenders against financial losses from borrowers' defaults on mortgages used to finance multifamily (MF) rental properties. This is a report on the adequacy of the loan loss reserves covering FHA's MF loan portfolio. It evaluated: the methodology FHA used to establish loan loss reserves for its FY Ô93 MF portfolio; the benefit of creating a new, actuarially sound insur. fund for all new MF housing insur. commitments; and HUD's current initiatives for preventing future defaults on FHA's MF housing loans.

Author: Mathew J. Scire
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: mortgage, fund, congressional, testimony, insurance, fhas, financing, financial, condition, mutual
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2011-04
ISBN-10: 1437940072
ISBN-13: 9781437940077

FHA has helped millions of families purchase homes through its single-family mortgage insurance programs. FHA insures almost all of its single-family mortgages under the Fund, which is reviewed from both an actuarial and budgetary perspective each year. This statement discusses: (1) how estimates of the Fundżs capital ratio have changed in recent years and the budgetary implications of changes in the Fundżs financial condition; (2) how FHA and its actuarial review contractor evaluate the financial condition of the Fund; (3) the steps FHA has taken to improve the financial condition of the Fu

Author: William B. Shear
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: changing, claims, loan, performance, estimates, higher, reflects, financing, fha, billion, reestimate, mortgage
Number of Pages: 48
Published: 2006-03
ISBN-10: 1422304574
ISBN-13: 9781422304570

The U.S. Dept. of Housing & Urban Dev't. (HUD), through its Fed. Housing Admin. (FHA), provides insurance for private lenders against losses on home mortgages. FHA's largest insurance program is the Mutual Mortgage Insurance Fund, which currently is self-financed & operates at a profit. FHA submitted a re-estimateÓ of $7 billion for the credit subsidy & interest for the Fund as of the end of FY 2003, reflecting a reduction in estimated profits. Given this substantial re-estimate, this report determines what factors contributed to the $7 billion re-estimate & the underlying loan performance va

Author: David G. Wood
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: rhs, loan, guarantee, programs, fha, suspensions, finance, options, prevent, housing
Number of Pages: 46
Published: 2005-09-01
ISBN-10: 1422300501
ISBN-13: 9781422300503

In FY 2004, HUD's Fed. Housing Auth. (FHA) & the USDA's Rural Housing Serv. (RHS) guaranteed $136 billion in mortgages for single-family homes, multifamily rental housing, & healthcare facil. In past years, both agencies have had to suspend the issuance of guarantees when they exhausted the dollar amounts of their commitment auth. or credit subsidy budget auth. before the end of a FY. This report determines: how often & why FHA & RHS have suspended their loan guarantee programs over the last decade; how these agencies manage to notify Congress of the rate at which the auth. for these programs

Author: Thomas J. McCool
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: fund, drawing, uncertain, outcomes, options, grown, financing, fha, mortgage
Number of Pages: 82
Published: 2001
ISBN-10: 0756713692
ISBN-13: 9780756713690

According to HUD, the economic value of the Mutual Mortgage Insur. Fund grew by about $5 billion in 1999, reaching its highest level in 20 years. This report: estimates the value of the Fund at the end of FY'99, given expected econ. conditions, & compares this est. to the est. of the value of the Fund reported by HUD; determines the extent to which a 2% capital ratio (CR) would allow the Fund to withstand worse-than-expected loan performance due to economic & other factors; & describes options for adjusting the size of the Fund if the estimated CR is different than the amt. needed, & describes

Author: Mathew J. Scire
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: fha’s, financial, condition, oversight, management, financing, opportunities, enhance, mortgage
Number of Pages: 48
ISBN-10: 1437940056
ISBN-13: 9781437940053
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