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Author: Gene L. Dodaro
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: financial, sound, choices, congressional, testimony, americans, empowering, literacy, federal, governments, role
Number of Pages: 16
Published: 2011-08
ISBN-10: 1437984703
ISBN-13: 9781437984705

Financial literacy plays an important role in helping ensure the financial health and stability of individuals, families, and our broader national economy. Economic changes in recent years have highlighted the need to empower Americans to make informed financial decisions, yet evidence indicates that many U.S. consumers could benefit from a better understanding of financial matters. For ex., recent surveys indicate that many consumers have difficulty with basic financial concepts and do not budget. This testimony discusses: (1) the state of the fed. government's approach to financial literacy;

Author: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Develop
Publisher: OECD
Keywords: issues, policies, analysis, literacy, financial, improving
Number of Pages: 182
Published: 2005-12-05
ISBN-10: 9264012567
ISBN-13: 9789264012561

Financial education has always been important for consumers in helping them budget and manage their income, save and invest efficiently, and avoid becoming victims of fraud. As financial markets become increasingly sophisticated and as households assume more of the responsibility and risk for financial decisions, financial education is increasingly necessary for individuals, not only to ensure their own financial well-being but also to ensure the smooth functioning of financial markets and the economy. This book, the first major study of financial education at the international level, contribu

Author: George H. Stalcup
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: financial, managers, force, profile, management, air
Number of Pages: 75
Published: 1997-06
ISBN-10: 0788172212
ISBN-13: 9780788172212

The Chief Financial Officers Act of 1990 was enacted to address longstanding problems in financial mgmt. in the federal government. One of the greatest challenges to improving financial mgmt. throughout the DoD is establishing a quality, trained, professional financial mgmt. workforce. This report provides qualification and professional work experience info. on four key AF financial mgmt. executives and 173 key financial mgmt. staff representing 79 of 88 AF organizations. Includes information on qualifications, such as formal education, training, and professional certifications, and profession

Author: James F. Hinchman
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: financial, government, statements, consolidated, audit
Number of Pages: 71
Published: 1998-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788177842
ISBN-13: 9780788177842

For the first time in the nation's history, the federal government has prepared consolidated financial statements that have been subjected to an independent audit. In accordance with the Chief Financial Officers Act, consolidated financial statements for FY1997 were prepared by the Dept. of the Treasury and audited. This report includes: Management's Discussion and Analysis; Audit Report; Consolidated Financial Statements; Notes to the Financial Statements; Stewardship Reporting; Supplemental Table; and Appendix, a list of significant U.S. Government entities included and entities excluded fro

Author: Steven J. Sebastian
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: financial, statements, years, irs, audit, fiscal
Number of Pages: 113
Published: 2010-02
ISBN-10: 1437925251
ISBN-13: 9781437925258

Because of the significance of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collections to overall federal receipts and, in turn, to the consolidated financial statements of the U.S. government, for which an audit is required, and Congressżs interest in financial management at IRS, an audit of IRSżs financial statements is performed annually to determine whether: (1) the financial statements are fairly stated; and (2) IRS management maintained effective internal control over financial reporting. The auditor also tests IRSżs compliance with selected provisions of significant laws and regulations and its f

Author: David M. Walker
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: financial, statements, years, irs, audit, fiscal
Number of Pages: 156
Published: 2004-01-03
ISBN-10: 075673021X
ISBN-13: 9780756730215

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) collections are significant in relation to federal receipts &, in turn, to the consolidated financial statements of the U.S. government. Therefore, the U.S. Congress is very interested in financial management at IRS. The General Accounting Office (GAO) audits IRS's financial statements annually to determine whether: (1) the financial statements IRS prepares are reliable, (2) IRS management maintained effective internal controls, and (3) IRS complies with selected provisions of significant laws and regulations and its financial systems comply with the Federal Fina

Author: James K. Jackson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: perspectives, european, supervision, market, financial
Number of Pages: 28
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1437927424
ISBN-13: 9781437927429

The global financial crisis has sparked a debate over the cause and impact of the crisis. Academics and policymakers are searching for changes in the financial system that can correct any perceived weaknesses in the structure of regulation, the content of regulations, and the coverage of financial instruments and activities. This report addresses the European perspectives on a number of proposals that are being advanced for financial oversight and regulation in Europe. The European experience may be instructive because financial markets in Europe are well developed, European firms often are co
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