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Author: Magnus Finne
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: spread, spectrum, signals, sequence, direct, direction, finding, methods
Number of Pages: 64
Published: 1996-11
ISBN-10: 0788135538
ISBN-13: 9780788135538

The use of spread-spectrum signals has increased dramatically in military radio communications. This report locates methods for direction-finding direct-sequence spread-spectrum (DS/SS) signals; digital methods are of special interest. A literature survey was conducted to see if there are any known methods. Investigated if a DS/SS detection method using a square-law detector can be extended to direction-finding. By use of computer simulations, show the performance of the methods found. Benefits and problems are also discussed.

Author: Steve Low
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: stop, lowballing, finding, success, guide, care, free, lawn, operator
Number of Pages: 100
Published: 16 ?? 2008
eBookDB-ID: ML00237582

Stop Lowballing - A Lawn Care Operator’s guide to stop lowballing and finding success.Some of the topics discussed in the book:- How to start up your business.- Finding your niche and finding profits.- Equipment.- Pricing & Estimating Jobs.- Dealing With Customers.- Dealing With Employees.- Marketing Secrets.- Lawn Care Business Tips.- Getting Commercial Accounts without commercial references.- Pitfalls of Commercial Accounts.And moreAn audio version is available in the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business podcast that can be downloaded through Apple iTunes for FREE or at the Gopher Lawn Care S

Author: Lawrence Danks
Publisher: Helpful Media
Keywords: advice, women, dating, man, right, finding
Number of Pages: 247
Published: 2010-06-01
ISBN-10: 0578048094
ISBN-13: 9780578048093

This twenty eight chapter dating advice book is intended to help women who are single, divorced or widowed. There is a man for any woman who is willing to conduct a conscientious and well founded search to find him. Dating is never easy, no matter what someone's age is. And it only gets more difficult after thirty. Moving forward through more effective dating can lead you to the love you desire. There can be a new, improved and happier you - and a happier him too. "Finding The Right Man For You" helps women evaluate their current situation, provides advice in dealing with divorce or the death

Author: Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov
Publisher: j rosenberg
Keywords: direction, life, finding, compass, pointers, jewish, positive
Number of Pages: 340
Published: 2009-08-18
ISBN-10: 1448657938
ISBN-13: 9781448657933

Positive Pointers - A Jewish compass for finding direction in life.Contants. An Excellent Day,Be Satisfied,Change For The Better,Don't Take It Personally,Everything Is Possible,Get Going,Have No Fear,No Pressure,Self Confidence,This Too Shall Pass,Where Are You?By Mohorosh of Heichal Hakodesh Breslov.Based on The Teachings of Rabbi Nachmen of Breslov And His Student Rabbi Nosson of Breslov.

Author: J. Timothy King
Publisher: J. Timothy King
Keywords: love, secret, sex, romance, finding, story, eyes, idiot, true
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 2009-07-01
ISBN-10: 0981692524
ISBN-13: 9780981692524

"I was born with the heart of a romantic. I fell in love at the drop of a hat, longed for someone to heal my loneliness, always attracted to the wrong women. Like others, I struggled for years with love and relationships. And like others, I thought I was all alone and that there was something wrong with me. "I finally did find a special someone, but finding that person was simpler than I had thought. "The storybooks have it all wrong. "This is my story, the frank confession of a romantic idiot who was lucky enough to find the secret of happily ever after." (J. Timothy King)

Author: Charles Haynes
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: ground, common, finding
Number of Pages: 187
Published: 1997-01-01
ISBN-10: 0788138391
ISBN-13: 9780788138393

Addresses the attempts to find common ground in schools & communities across America. Includes: religious liberty in Amer. public life; the Supreme court, religion, & public education; strategies for finding common ground; religion in the curriculum; resources for teaching about religion in U.S. & world history; religious holidays in the public schools; the Equal Access Act & the public schools; religious expression & character educ. in public schools; & religious practices of students. Also: The Williamsburg Charter, & sample school district policies.

Author: Hilary Curley
Publisher: Combat Poverty Agency
Keywords: budget, way, finding
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 1905485212
ISBN-13: 9781905485215
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