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Author: Denise Fantone
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: improvements, operational, bolster, current, efforts, coordination, interagency, aid, reform, comprehensive, strategy, foreign
Number of Pages: 59
Published: 2009-12
ISBN-10: 1437916759
ISBN-13: 9781437916751

In Jan. 2006, to better align foreign assistance programs with U.S. foreign policy goals, the Sec. of State appointed the Administrator of the U.S. Agency for Internatżl. Devżt. (USAID) to serve concurrently as Dir. of Foreign Assistance and gave it authority over all Dept. of State and USAID foreign assistance funding and programs. The Office of the Dir. of Foreign Assistance (State/F) was given responsibility for reforming foreign assistance by, among other things, consolidating State and USAID foreign assistance processes. This report: (1) examines State/F's key efforts to consolidate Sta

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: related, amendments, florio, exon, investments, implementation, foreign
Number of Pages: 42
Published: 1996-07-01
ISBN-10: 0788131184
ISBN-13: 9780788131189

Focuses on the characteristics of foreign investments & the extent to which these investments are reported to the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS); & the factors CFIUS considers in making decisions on whether the foreign investment would result in foreign companies' control of U.S. companies, whether the acquiring company is controlled by a foreign government, & whether there are associated national security risks. Charts, tables & graphs.

Author: Jennifer K. . Elsea
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: foreign, officials, immunities, sovereign, samantar, yousef
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 2011-01
ISBN-10: 1437938671
ISBN-13: 9781437938678

This is a print on demand edition of a hard to find publication. On June 1, 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Samantar v. Yousef that the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA), which governs the immunity of foreign states in U.S. courts, does not apply in suits against foreign officials. The ruling clarifies that officials of foreign governments, whether present or former, are not entitled to invoke the FSIA as a shield, unless the foreign state is the real party in interest in the case. The ruling leaves open the possibility that foreign officials have recourse to other sources of imm

Author: General Accounting Office Washington Dc National S
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: foreign, representing, interests, government, officials, federal, agent, registration, former
Number of Pages: 46
Published: 1993-07-01
ISBN-10: 1568065507
ISBN-13: 9781568065502

Identifies high-level federal officials who, after leaving government service between fiscal years 1986 & 1991, registered as foreign agents & represented foreign interests before the U.S. government. Also examines Department of Justice actions to correct problems previously reported concerning the administration of foreign agent registration. Drawings.

Author: James K. Jackson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: securities, investment, foreign
Number of Pages: 27
Published: 2010-10
ISBN-10: 1437927432
ISBN-13: 9781437927436

Foreign capital inflows are playing an important role in the U.S. economy by bridging the gap between domestic supplies of and demand for capital. Foreign investors now hold more than 50% of the publicly held and traded U.S. Treasury securities. The large foreign accumulation of U.S. Securities (USS) increases the risk of a financial crisis, whether as a result of the uncoordinated actions of market participants or by a coordinated withdrawal from U.S. financial markets by foreign investors. Contents of this report: Capital Flows in the Economy, and the Dollar; Purchases and Sales of USS by Fo

Author: Gary L. Jones
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: foreign, visitors, weapons, laboratories, over, controls, energy, doe, needs, improve, department
Number of Pages: 67
Published: 1997-06
ISBN-10: 0788172034
ISBN-13: 9780788172038

Addresses the Dept. of Energy's (DoE) controls over foreign visitors to its three nuclear weapons laboratories -- Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia. The number of foreign visitors to the labs. have increased over 50% from the late-1980s to the mid 1990s. Specifically, this report discusses DoE's (1) procedures for reviewing the backgrounds of foreign visitors and for controlling the dissemination of sensitive information to such visitors, (2) security controls for limiting foreign visitors' access to areas and information within its laboratories, and (3) counterintelligence programs f

Author: DIANE Publishing Company
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: foreign, dependence, dod, risk, base, assessing, industrial
Number of Pages: 52
Published: 2004-08-30
ISBN-10: 0788117602
ISBN-13: 9780788117602

Responds to concerns about the security risk of purchasing military products & technologies from foreign sources. Addresses four questions: (1) What basic factors determine the national security risks of buying from foreign sources? (2) How can these factors be measured & evaluated? (3) Is appropriate data assessing foreign sourcing being collected? & (4) What are some U.S. policy options for dealing with the risks of buying goods & technologies from foreign sources? Charts & tables.
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