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Author: Fred Sears
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: orcharding, productive
Number of Pages: 334
Published: 2008-11-01
ISBN-10: 1429013362
ISBN-13: 9781429013369

Fred Sears's 1914 work is an in-depth look at the principles and practices of successful orcharding.

Author: Fred J. Schneider
Publisher: Fred Schneider
Keywords: chowder, cat
Number of Pages: 241
Published: 2006-09-19
ISBN-10: 1595264299
ISBN-13: 9781595264299

A family struggles to find itself despite the morass of 60's Catholicism, fatal obsessions, and a tropical fish that won't stay flushed. In the house of Sisler, Joe DiMaggio, the church, and the truth are all adversaries.

Author: Ashok Malhotra
Publisher: Dr. Ashok Malhotra
Keywords: novel, lake, besides, nude
Number of Pages: 321
Published: 2011-06-24
ISBN-10: 1463529392
ISBN-13: 9781463529390

Fred wondered if he had made the right choice in deciding to travel. After years of struggle and difficulties his life had eventually begun to hum in Vancouver, at least until a few months ago. His weekdays were filled with a job that he enjoyed and weekends were filled with pretty Gale, a blonde girl friend originally from Maine. Fred's company had folded up and so had Fred's job. Jobless for three months now, Fred was considering his options. He was faced with the choice of selling his home or putting it out on rent. Fred chooses the latter option while deciding on a trip to India. The searc

Author: Teresa Isorena
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: year, first, fred, nells, school, evaluation, process, intensive, parole, program, implementation, lead
Number of Pages: 103
Published: 1995-10
ISBN-10: 0788124382
ISBN-13: 9780788124389

A report on the second LEAD (leadership, esteem, ability, & discipline) program, a juvenile boot camp & intensive parole program, at the Fred C. Nelles School in southern California. Evaluates design & methods of the program, & describes & assesses the success of the program. Concludes with suggestions for program refinement. Contains extensive appendix with tables & sample forms & questionnaires.

Author: Fred Greenwald
Publisher: LULU
Keywords: coaching, own, start
Number of Pages: 100
Published: January 7, 2005
eBookDB-ID: ML0098403

Author: Fred Carden
Publisher: IDRC
Keywords: poltica, conocimiento, del
Number of Pages: 375
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 849888103X
ISBN-13: 9788498881035

Author: Fred Henderson
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: socialism, case
Number of Pages: 197
Published: 1935
ISBN-10: 144004211X
ISBN-13: 9781440042119
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