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Author: James Freeman Steffe
Publisher: Freeman Press
Keywords: analysis, rheology, pipelines, bioprocessing
Number of Pages: 159
Published: 2006-01
ISBN-10: 0963203622
ISBN-13: 9780963203625

Steffe, J.F. 1996. Rheological Methods in Food Process Engineering, second edition (second printing).Freeman Press, East Lansing, MI, USA. Freeman Press and J.F. Steffe (owner of the copyright) give you permission to download and print an electronic copy of this 428-page book for any nonprofit endeavor. This offer is extended to all individuals in the public and private sector. University faculty may reproduce the printed work (as needed) for teaching purposes.

Author: Ella Freeman
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: garden, vegetable, home
Number of Pages: 242
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1429014083
ISBN-13: 9781429014083

"Ella Freeman's 1922 book provides practical information on laying out a new vegetable garden or preparing an established one, as well as information on tools, insects, harvesting, and the characteristics of particular vegetables to be grown, including corn, beans, potatoes, squashes, and tomatoes."

Author: John Freeman
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: free, land, oriental
Number of Pages: 234
Published: 2009-06-01
ISBN-10: 1429019883
ISBN-13: 9781429019880

Author: Julia Freeman
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: literature, distinguished, south, women
Number of Pages: 538
Published: 2008-10
ISBN-10: 1429015721
ISBN-13: 9781429015721

Author: Freeman Delamotte
Publisher: Operina LLC
Keywords: ornamental, plain, alphabets, modern, examples
Number of Pages: 114
Published: 2007-01
ISBN-10: 193422703X
ISBN-13: 9781934227039

Author: Olin Freeman Tower
Publisher: Hardpress Publishing
Keywords: applications, theoretical, considerations, chemical, results, liquids, methods, conductivity
Number of Pages: 204
Published: 2012-01
ISBN-10: 140766686X
ISBN-13: 9781407666860

Author: Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
Publisher: Tutis Digital Publishing Pvt. Limited
Keywords: gordon, doc
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 8132053486
ISBN-13: 9788132053484

Originally published in 1936, here is a charming novel of a rural doctor's life, trials, and tribulations. Barter, conniving horse traders, and more face "Doc." Gordon on his rural rounds! MARY E. WILKINS FREEMAN (1852-1930) was born in Randolph, Massachusetts and died in Metuchen, New Jersey. Among her published regional short fiction and novels are A Humble Romance and Other Stories, A New England Nun and Other Stories, Jane Field, and The Portion of Labor. In 1926 she received the William Dean Howells Medal of the American Academy of Arts and Letters for distinction in fiction. That same ye
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