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Author: Everett Hale Edward Everett Hale
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: america, percival, margaret
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2010-08-19
ISBN-10: 1429044942
ISBN-13: 9781429044943

Author: Don Hale
Publisher: Don Hale
Keywords: dreams, interpret, understand, fascinating, stars, movie, guide, hollywood, celebrity
Number of Pages: 50
ISBN-10: 1907163433
ISBN-13: 9781907163432

Author: John Hale
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: witchcraft, nature, enquiry, modest
Number of Pages: 181
Published: 2006-06-06
ISBN-10: 155709182X
ISBN-13: 9781557091826

This balanced account of the Salem Village witchcraft trials, including the events leading up to them, was first printed in 1702. The book was written by Reverend John Hale, the pastor of the church in Beverly, Massachusetts. He concludes with the theory that it was Satan, not the witches, who used the manipulation of objects to afflict others. Rev. Hale had been the preacher in Salem since 1664, and was a participant in the trials, attending them and praying with the accused. This eyewitness account is one of the rarest, having been reprinted once in 1771 and again in 1973.

Author: Daniel Hale Feldman
Publisher: Daniel Hale Feldman
Keywords: abraham, children, heritage, mystical, qabalah
Number of Pages: 283
Published: 2000-12-01
ISBN-10: 0970136048
ISBN-13: 9780970136046

Author: Don Hale
Publisher: Ebookexchange
Keywords: downing, bakewell, murders, stephen, clear, pity, fight, town
Number of Pages: 400
Published: 2002-04-04
ISBN-10: 071261530X
ISBN-13: 9780712615303

In 1973, a woman was brutally murdered in a graveyard in a picturesque market town. Stephen Downing, aged seventeen but with the mental age of eleven, was working as a gardener in the graveyard. He was charged with the crime and served 27 years in prison. Six years ago, Don Hale, the editor of the local newspaper, began his own investigation into the murder. This is the story of one man trapped in a web of evil, and of another’s courageous fight to free him.

Author: Don Hale
Publisher: Ebookexchange
Keywords: coed, artists, colony, betws, world, whaite, welsh, art, clarence
Number of Pages: 245
Published: 2009
ISBN-10: 1907163069
ISBN-13: 9781907163067

Author: Edward Everett Hale
Publisher: Arc Manor LLC
Keywords: columbus, christopher, life
Number of Pages: 141
Published: 2008-05-15
ISBN-10: 160450238X
ISBN-13: 9781604502381

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