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Author: Marcia Crosse
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: infected, individuals, connect, care, identify, efforts, aids, federal, state, hiv
Number of Pages: 50
Published: 2010-05
ISBN-10: 143792297X
ISBN-13: 9781437922974

Of the 1.1 million Americans living with HIV, not all are aware of their HIV-positive status. Timely testing of HIV-positive individuals is important to improve health outcomes and to slow the disease's transmission. The CDC provides grants to state and local health depts. for HIV prevention. This report examines issues related to identifying individuals with HIV and connecting them to care. It examines: (1) CDCżs coordination on HIV activities and steps they have taken to encourage routine HIV testing; (2) implementation of routine HIV testing by select state and local health departments; (3

Author: Anna Satcher
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: hiv, aids, dependent, areas, infection, report, surveillance, cases
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 2007-12-01
ISBN-10: 1422319059
ISBN-13: 9781422319055

This report is organized in 5 sections: (1) cases of HIV/AIDS & AIDS, (2) deaths of persons with AIDS, (3) persons living with HIV/AIDS, AIDS, or HIV infection (not AIDS), (4) length of survival after AIDS diagnosis, & (5) reports of cases of HIV/AIDS, AIDS, & HIV infection (not AIDS). Sections 1-3 present point estimates of case counts that have been adjusted for reporting delays & for redistribution of cases in persons initially reported without an identified risk factor. The estimated number of HIV/AIDS cases in the 33 states with confidential name-based HIV infection reporting decreased ea

Author: Here Publishing
Publisher: Here Publishing
Keywords: plus, hiv
Number of Pages: 52
Published: 2009-09 - 2009-10
eBookDB-ID: 15223086

HIV Plus offers the latest stories on research, economics, and treatment. The magazine raises awareness of HIV-related cultural and policy developments in the United States and throughout the world.

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: cracks, falling, disease, hiv, women
Number of Pages: 256
Published: 1992-05-01
ISBN-10: 1568064306
ISBN-13: 9781568064307

Focuses on three crucial interrelated issues associated with HIV disease in women: the AIDS case definition and its functions; research on disease progression or natural history of HIV in women; and access to disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. The incidence of AIDS is rising faster among women than any other group, yet women with HIV infection are falling through the cracks because their doctors don1t recognize that they have HIV disease. Graphs.

Author: Anna Satcher Johnson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: hiv, aids, states, areas, united, dependent, cases, surveillance, report, infection
Number of Pages: 63
Published: 2009-11
ISBN-10: 1437914640
ISBN-13: 9781437914641

Presents estimated numbers of cases of HIV/AIDS (cases of HIV infection, regardless of whether they have progressed to AIDS) from the 39 areas that have confidential name-based HIV infection reporting for a sufficient length of time (since at least 2003). These 33 states represent approx. 63% of the epidemic in the 50 states and the D.C. According to the number of reported AIDS cases, the 34 states with long-term HIV infection reporting represent approx. 66% of the cases in the 50 states and the D.C. From 2004 through 2007, the total number of new cases of HIV/AIDS increased 15% in the 34 stat

Authors: Brent; Robichaud, Francis Patterson,  Illustrated
Publisher: Community Aids Treatment Information Exchange
Keywords: hiv, aids, living, people, health, guide, managing
Number of Pages: 331
Published: 1997-05-29
ISBN-10: 1896135137
ISBN-13: 9781896135137

CATIE champions and supports innovation and excellence in knowledge exchange for the prevention of HIV transmission, and the care, treatment and support of people with HIV by: • collaborating with and building the capacity of front line organizations to use knowledge effectively to respond to the HIV epidemic; • supporting and connecting people with HIV, other individuals, and organizations to develop, synthesize, share and apply HIV knowledge; • acting as a central contact point for the flow of comprehensive, accurate, unbiased, timely and accessible HIV information and comm

Author: World Bank
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: hope, window, aids, hiv, education
Number of Pages: 108
Published: 2002
ISBN-10: 0821351176
ISBN-13: 9780821351178

The global HIV/AIDS epidemic has already killed 20 million people and another 40 million people are currently infected. The magnitude of this epidemic requires a response that confronts the disease from every sector, but education plays a particularly important role.'Education and HIV/AIDS' provides a strategic direction for the World Bank in responding to the impact of HIV/AIDS on education systems. The central message of this book is that the education of children and youth deserves the highest priority in a world afflicted by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Education has proven to be one of the most
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