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Author: John E. Dicken
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: competition, limited, contribute, extraordinary, increases, price, drugs, equivalent, prescription, new, drug, pricing, therapeutically, lack, brand
Number of Pages: 40
Published: 2010-06
ISBN-10: 1437927017
ISBN-13: 9781437927016

The growing cost of brand-name prescription drugs (BNPD) -- FDA-approved drug products that typically have patent protection -- is a concern for patients, payers, and providers of health care -- particularly when price increases are large and occur suddenly. A 2008 congressional hearing drew attention to some small market prescription drugs that had an extraordinary price increase -- 100% or more at a single point in time. This report examined extraordinary price increases for BNPD. It examined the: (1) frequency of extraordinary price increases for BNPD from 2000 to 2008; (2) characteristics

Author: Marcelo Veracierto
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: perspectives, economic, reprint, innovation, corruption
Number of Pages: 12
Published: 2008-10-01
ISBN-10: 1437902413
ISBN-13: 9781437902419

Illustrates how corruption can affect an industryżs rate of innovation. An interesting result of the analysis is that, under certain parameter ranges, small increases in the penalties to corruption or the effectiveness of detection can result in large increases in product innovation. Charts and tables.

Author: Yash P. Mehra
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: economic, quarterly, reprint, spending, prices, consumer, oil
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 2008-10
ISBN-10: 143790498X
ISBN-13: 9781437904987

Empirical evidence suggests that oil price increases have a negative effect on spending whereas oil price declines have no effect. The estimated negative effect of an oil price increase on spending is larger if we focus on oil price increases that occur after a period of stable oil prices (net oil price increases), or if spending includes durables, the latter suggesting the possible negative influence of energy prices on the purchase of big-ticket consumption goods. Furthermore, the estimated oil price coefficients in the consumption equation do not show parameter instability during the 1980s,

Author: Elaine M. Howle
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: hospital, payments, rise, contract, inpatient, care, outpatient, rapid, facilities, corrections, department, expensive, services, california, greater, driven
Number of Pages: 102
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1437900682
ISBN-13: 9781437900682

This report concludes that overall, Correctionsż payments for hospital care services have risen $59.4 million from FY1998-99 through 2002-03, and grew at an average rate of 21% per year, outpacing the nat. consumer price index average of 8% annual growth for hospital services during this same period. The reasons for this growth can be attributed to the combination of more expensive health care and to Correctionsż increased use of contracted hospital facilities. Analysis indicates that increases in its inpatient hospital payments are driven primarily by more expensive services, whereas increa

Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: nationwide, gasoline, price, increases, summer, spring, trade, commission, report, federal
Number of Pages: 56
Published: 2007-12
ISBN-10: 1422319571
ISBN-13: 9781422319574

On April 25, 2006, Pres. Bush directed żthe Dept. of Justice to work with the Fed. Trade Comm. (FTC) & the Energy Dept.(DoE) to conduct inquiries into illegal manipulation or cheating related to current gasoline prices.ż The FTC was, at that time, investigating the increases in gasoline prices that occurred following Hurricane Katrina, including an intensive examination of whether refiners & other market participants had manipulated, or tried to manipulate, gasoline prices. The FTC found no evidence of manipulation & only limited instances of price gouging by gasoline wholesalers & retailers

Author: David Gootnick (au)
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: key, status, industries, minimum, increases, wage, earnings, employment, commonwealth, samoa, northern, mariana, islands, american
Number of Pages: 142
Published: 2011
ISBN-10: 143798830X
ISBN-13: 9781437988307

In 2007, the U.S. enacted a law incrementally raising the minimum wages in Amer. Samoa and the Commonwealth of the N. Mariana Islands (CNMI) until they equal the U.S. minimum wage. Amer. Samoażs minimum wage increased by 50 ̆ three times, and the CNMIżs four times before legislation delayed the increases, providing for no increase in Amer. Samoa in 2010 or 2011 and none in the CNMI in 2011. Recent economic declines in both areas reflect the closure of one of two canneries in Amer. Samoa and the departure of the garment industry in the CNMI. This report describes, since the increases began:

Author: Peter R. Orszag
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: elsewhere, war, terrorism, afghanistan, iraq, growth, funding, operations, analysis
Number of Pages: 22
Published: 2008-07
ISBN-10: 1437902006
ISBN-13: 9781437902006

Reviews the funding provided for military activities in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the war on terrorism and analyzes the increases in appropriations that have occurred over the past several years. Most of the spending is concentrated in two categories -- operation and maintenance, which has roughly doubled from 2004 to 2008, and procurement, which has increased tenfold over that period. The reasons for some of the increases are difficult to determine precisely because available data on the pace of operations and other factors that might affect costs are limited because some of the fun
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