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Author: Scott A. Thompson
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: flight, inspection, faa, story, check
Number of Pages: 130
Published: 1990-08-01
ISBN-10: 0788147285
ISBN-13: 9780788147289

This is a history of flight inspection from 1926 to 1990. Flight inspection is provided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to ensure that the National Airspace System is the safest and most reliable system in the world. Flight inspection is a term used to define electronic airborne flight checks (quality assurance) of airway navigational ground-based radio aids and space-based satellites assuring their accuracy and performance. Under Public Law, the FAA is responsible for accomplishing these checks. The FAA performs flight inspection services in over 50 countries. Over 100 photos. Bi

Author: Patrick Low
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: services, inspection, preshipment
Number of Pages: 180
Published: 1995-03-01
ISBN-10: 082133185X
ISBN-13: 9780821331859

Many governments have contracted preshipment inspection (PSI) services to address problems associated with the over- and under-invoicing of trade transactions, tariff misclassifications, shortfalls in revenue collections from trade taxes, and the manageme

Author: Joint FAO/WHO Codex Alimentarius Commission
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Keywords: inspection, certification, systems, export, import, alimentarius, food, codex
Number of Pages: 92
Published: 2007
ISBN-10: 9251058415
ISBN-13: 9789251058411

Official and officially recognized inspection and certification systems are fundamentally important and very widely used means of food control systems. The confidence of consumers in the safety and quality of their food supply depends in part on their perception as to the effectiveness of these systems as food control measures. A substantial part of the worldwide trade in food depends upon the use of inspection and certification systems. Following the FAO/WHO Conference on Food Standards, Chemicals in Food and Food Trade in 1991, the Codex Alimentarius Commission undertook the development of g

Author: Unknown
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: dangerous, health, system, inspection, food, safety, federal
Number of Pages: 74
Published: 1992-09
ISBN-10: 1568060297
ISBN-13: 9781568060293

Examines the consistency, efficiency, and effectiveness of the federal food safety inspection system.Currently, as many as 35 different laws and 12 agencies shape the federal regulatory process for protecting the public health from unsafe food. Charts and tables.

Author: Marcia Crosse
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: drug, fda, foreign, inspection, program, strengthen, needed, safety, data, management, inspections
Number of Pages: 58
Published: 2009-05
ISBN-10: 1437911307
ISBN-13: 9781437911305

The FDA oversees the safety and effectiveness of human drugs marketed in the U.S., including those manufactured in foreign establishments. FDA inspects foreign establishments in order to ensure that the quality of drugs is not jeopardized by poor manufacturing processes. This report examines: (1) the extent to which FDA has accurate data on the number of foreign establishments subject to inspection; (2) the frequency of foreign inspections; and (3) oversight by FDA to ensure that foreign establishments correct serious problems identified during inspections. The author analyzed info. from FDA d

Author: Noel David Johnson
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: inspection, different, institutional, regimes, shipment, pre, civil, service, reform, performance, committing
Number of Pages: 20
Published: 2001

If the only solution tried for customs corruption and evasion in a developing country is to outsource certain customs functions to a pre-shipment inspection (PSI) company, PSI will prove more of a fiscal burden than a panacea. PSI works best in countries where the customs service already performs fairly well, by reducing the costs of catching evaders.

Author: Marcia Crosse
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: drug, weaknesses, address, foreign, inspection, testimony, congressional, program, fully, potential, preliminary, safety, findings, suggest, fda, recent, initiatives
Number of Pages: 23
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1437904343
ISBN-13: 9781437904345

The FDA is responsible for overseeing the safety and effectiveness of human drugs that are marketed in the U.S., whether they are manufactured in foreign or domestic estab. FDA inspects foreign estab. to ensure that they meet the same standards required of domestic estab. Ongoing concerns regarding FDA¿s foreign drug inspection program recently were heightened when FDA learned that contaminated doses of a common blood thinner had been manufactured at a Chinese estab. that the agency had never inspected. FDA has announced initiatives to improve its foreign drug inspection program. This stateme
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