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Author: Jason Brownlee
Publisher: Jason Brownlee
Keywords: programming, recipes, inspired, nature, algorithms, clever
Number of Pages: 437
Published: 2011-01-31
ISBN-10: 1446785068
ISBN-13: 9781446785065

This book provides a handbook of algorithmic recipes from the fields of Metaheuristics, Biologically Inspired Computation and Computational Intelligence that have been described in a complete, consistent, and centralized manner. These standardized descriptions were carefully designed to be accessible, usable, and understandable. Most of the algorithms described in this book were originally inspired by biological and natural systems, such as the adaptive capabilities of genetic evolution and the acquired immune system, and the foraging behaviors of birds, bees, ants and bacteria. An encyclopedi

Author: Jillian Hart
Publisher: Steeple Hill
Keywords: historical, steeple, love, inspired, book, series, mckaslin, clan, homespun, bride
Number of Pages: 288
Published: 2008-02-12
ISBN-10: 0373827822
ISBN-13: 9780373827824

Montana Territory in 1883 was a dangerous place--especially for a blind woman struggling to make her way through an early winter snowstorm. Undaunted, Noelle Kramer fought to remain independent. But then a runaway horse nearly plunged her into a rushing, ice-choked river, before a stranger’s strong, sure hand saved her from certain death. And yet this was no stranger. Though she could not know it, her rescuer was rancher Thad McKaslin, the man who had once loved her more than life itself. Losing her had shaken all his most deeply held beliefs. Now he wondered if the return of this stron

Author: Home Buyer Publications
Publisher: Home Buyer Publications
Keywords: interiors, house, old
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 2011-01
eBookDB-ID: 10793941

National architectural magazine now in its fifteenth year, covering period-inspired design 1700–1950. Commissioned photographs show real homes, inspired by the past but livable. Historical and interpretive rooms are included; new construction, additions, and new kitchens and baths take their place along with restoration work. A feature on furniture appears in every issue. Product coverage is extensive. Experts offer advice for homeowners and designers on finishing, decorating, and furnishing period homes of every era. A garden feature, essays, archival material, events and exhibitions, and b

Author: Raymond Sturgis
Publisher: Raymond Sturgis
Keywords: passion, power, love, oprah
Number of Pages: 88
Published: 2010-06-26
ISBN-10: 1453664092
ISBN-13: 9781453664094

Icon Oprah Winfrey has embrace her role as one of the most positive and powerful people on earth, and there seem to be no end in sight. Oprah has battled criticism, lawsuits and competition, only to emerge victorious with only a few scratches. Her humanitarianism is remarkable and her commitment to education and conquering personal setbacks has inspired people to better the world. There is much not a person can say about OPRAH, she has conquered the world, and will be in the hearts and soul of people forever. This book is a poetic journey of the Queen of Television and radio. Although there wi

Author: National Defense University
Publisher: NDU Press
Keywords: security, national, innovation, inspired, bio
Number of Pages: 356
Published: 2010-10-01
ISBN-10: 1780390408
ISBN-13: 9781780390406

Despite the vital importance of the emerging area of biotechnology and its role in defense planning and policymaking, no definitive book has been written on the topic for the defense policymaker, the military student, and the private-sector bioscientist interested in the "emerging opportunities market" of national security. This edited volume is intended to help close this gap and provide the necessary backdrop for thinking strategically about biology in defense planning and policymaking. This volume is about applications of the biological sciences, here called "biologically inspired innovatio

Author: Cornelia Adam
Publisher: Silverback Books
Keywords: salads
Number of Pages: 68
Published: 2001-02-01
ISBN-10: 1930603452
ISBN-13: 9781930603455

Fresh, light, and easy-to-prepare salads -- from the basic tossed green variety to internationally inspired potato, poultry, and seafood versions.

Author: F. Grey
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: america, fortune, seeking
Number of Pages: 338
Published: 2007-01-01
ISBN-10: 1429005580
ISBN-13: 9781429005586

Grey's U.S. travels inspired him to examine the conditions of the employed and the unemployed in America. Mr. Grey's numerous side trips to Canada and Mexico offer an interesting perspective.
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