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Author: Barry Leonard
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: proceedings, conference, risk, cyber
Number of Pages: 158
Published: 1998-12-01
ISBN-10: 0788174525
ISBN-13: 9780788174520

Contents: internet policy workshop; filtering & blocking--access denied!; acceptable use policy; monitoring employee internet activity; building internet policies that are personalized” to your organization; legal liability & the corporate internet; corporate web page risks; loss prevention tools for the corporate internet; content rating systems; electronic mail: ownership & privacy; the internet invaders: avoiding viruses, trojans & hostile programs; internet content control: legislation or self-regulation?; betting on the public pipeline: using the internet for corporate communications; &

Author: Steve Jones
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: future, technology, living, students, college, internet
Number of Pages: 22
Published: 2008-06
ISBN-10: 1437901468
ISBN-13: 9781437901467

College students are heavy users of the Internet compared to the general population. Use of the Internet is a part of college studentsż daily routine, in part because they have grown up with computers. It is integrated into their daily communication habits and has become a technology as ordinary as the telephone or television. This report finds that: College students say the Internet has enhanced their education, and that college social life has been changed by the Internet. The report also discusses the implications of college studentsż Internet use for the future. Charts and tables.

Author: Stanley J. Czerwinski
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: users, internet, choices, characteristics, telecommunications
Number of Pages: 72
Published: 2001-05
ISBN-10: 0756712726
ISBN-13: 9780756712723

This report, addressing telecommunications issues & the possible emergence of a digital divide in the use of the Internet, examines: (1) the demographic characteristics of Internet users compared with those of the general U.S. population; (2) the characteristics of areas where broadband Internet transport is available & of consumers who selected a broadband transport provider; & (3) the factors influencing consumers' choice of an ISP & how consumers rate the importance of content & applications offered by their ISP over the Internet. The report is based on a survey of Internets users. Charts &

Author: Patricia Moloney Figliola
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: issues, policy, technology, freedom, internet, promote, global, initiatives
Number of Pages: 26
Published: 2010-08
ISBN-10: 1437931979
ISBN-13: 9781437931976

Hardware and Internet services, in and of themselves, are neutral elements of the Internet; it is how they are implemented by various countries that is repressive. Internet services are often tailored for deployment to specific countries; however, such tailoring is done to bring the company in line with the laws of that country, not with the intention of allowing the country to repress and censor its citizenry. This report provides info. regarding the role of U.S. and other foreign co. in facilitating Internet censorship by repressive regimes overseas. Sections: Examżn. of repressive policies

Author: Peter Tippett
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: proceedings, conference, security, internet, firewalls
Number of Pages: 329
Published: 1998-06-01
ISBN-10: 0788171577
ISBN-13: 9780788171574

The first Nat. Computer Security Assoc. conf. dedicated to the exchange of ideas, policies & methodologies for implementing practical internet security. Brings together experts to address the key issues in this rapidly evolving field. Includes: the electronic intrusion threat on public networks; identifying network security vulnerabilities; the Internet & security; establishing an Internet security policy; evaluating & testing firewalls; malicious software on the Internet; security on the World Wide Web; social engineering: the non-technical threat; Sterling Software; IBM: NetSP Secured Networ

Author: Peter Sternberg
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: america, rural, value, internets, broadband
Number of Pages: 70
Published: 2010-01
ISBN-10: 1437923194
ISBN-13: 9781437923193

As broadband ż or high-speed ż Internet use has spread, Internet applications requiring high transmission speeds have become an integral part of the żInformation Economy,ż raising concerns about those who lack broadband access. This report analyzes: (1) rural broadband use by consumers, the community-at-large, and bus.; (2) rural broadband availability; and (3) broadbandżs social and econ. effects on rural areas. In general, rural communities have less broadband Internet use than metro communities. Rural communities that had greater broadband Internet access had greater economic growth, w

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
Keywords: outlook, economy, internet, oecd
Number of Pages: 296
Published: 2012-10-04
ISBN-10: 9264086463
ISBN-13: 9789264086463

The Internet is now a fundamental infrastructure supporting the economy and is firmly in its 2nd stage of development, having evolved from a data network connecting PCs with wires to a much broader network of new portable devices from mobile phones to tablet computers. It is also on the cusp of a much larger expansion to objects that typically did not have communications capabilities: the “Internet of things” is projected to have more connections than the people using them. This raises many important socio-economic and political issues for stakeholders to consider, as economies and societi
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