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Author: David R. Slavitt
Publisher: AU Press
Keywords: voices, mingling, france, marie, lays
Number of Pages: 122
Published: 2013-11-15
ISBN-10: 1927356350
ISBN-13: 9781927356357

The twelve "lays" of Marie de France, the earliest known French woman poet, are here presented in sprightly English verse by poet/translator David R. Slavitt. These old Breton folk tales were the raw material for Marie de France’s series of lively but profound considerations of love, life, death, fidelity and betrayal, and luck and fate. They are acute observations about the different kinds of choices women make, startling in the late twelfth century and challenging even today. The lays, which combine a woman’s wisdom with an impressive technical bravura, are a minor treasure of Eu

Author: Martin Doyle
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: calendar, garden, flower
Number of Pages: 194
Published: 2009-01-01
ISBN-10: 1429014385
ISBN-13: 9781429014380

Martin Doyle and Leonard Gale's 1835 text lays out for the home gardener a month-by-month guide to the tasks associated with the culture of flowers.

Author: Vinod Thomas
Publisher: World Bank Publications
Keywords: contrasts, land, development, brazil, inside
Number of Pages: 176
Published: 2006
ISBN-10: 0821364553
ISBN-13: 9780821364550

Customers in the US and Canada please order from Stanford University Press at (800) 621-2736 or visit their website at in population and geographical size and fourteenth in total income, Brazil is not only a regional, but also potentially a global force. Will Brazil capitalize on its huge strengths and emerge as a true global leader, or will it miss out on its great opportunity? This book lays out the crucial dimensions of Brazil's development prospects and considers both conventional and unconventional ways forward.'From Inside Brazil' lays out a number of messages of intere

Author: Francis King
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: garden, considered
Number of Pages: 378
Published: 2008-09
ISBN-10: 1429013001
ISBN-13: 9781429013000

"In her 1915 work, Mrs. Francis King (aka Louisa Yeomans King) lays out the guidelines by which inexperienced gardeners can plan their own ""well-considered"" gardens."

Author: Gary M. Danelishen
Publisher: Open Wiki of Chess Openings
Keywords: chess, theory, final
Number of Pages: 402
Published: 2008-02-25
ISBN-10: 0981567703
ISBN-13: 9780981567709

"The Final Theory of Chess" constructs an aggressive opening repertoire basedprimarily upon the use of computer analysis. The work lays a solid foundationupon which further computer analysis may be built in order to solve the game.404 pp. (Games/Gamebooks)

Author: Madeleine Dahlgren
Publisher: Applewood Books
Keywords: washington, life, social, etiquette
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 2006-12-01
ISBN-10: 1557093997
ISBN-13: 9781557093998

Madeleine Dahlgren's 1881 work aims to provide readers with a guide to the peculiar and particular manners and mores of the Nation's capital. Recognizing that official life in Washington, D.C. leads to "perplexing social questions," Dahlgren's work, which went through a number of editions in her lifetime, lays out the special code of social laws that are at work in Washington in the late nineteenth century.

Author: Albert Gore
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Keywords: national, performance, review, world, budget, steps, governing, balanced, reinvention
Number of Pages: 45
Published: 1996-06
ISBN-10: 0788129066
ISBN-13: 9780788129063

Al Gore's address at the Nat. Press Club on Mar. 4, 1996. Lays the groundwork for bringing the Fed. gov't. into a new era. Creates various partnerships -- with citizens, state & localities, businesses, & Fed. workers. The key themes in these initiatives are: customize solutions & services (takes the focus away from the old one-size-fits-all” approach); focus on the needs, not the means; build on success; & better results don't mean increased costs. Each initiative aims to improve service & reduce costs for all Amer. Includes supporting background papers.
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