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Author: Caleb Gattegno
Publisher: Educational Solutions World
Keywords: love
Number of Pages: 84
Published: 2010-10-04
ISBN-10: 0878252452
ISBN-13: 9780878252459

What can be learned about love if one considers it as an energy that is the result of self-awareness? In his essay On Love, Caleb Gattegno applies this question to various aspects of love, examining topics such as Love-Attachment, Romantic Love, Friendship, Universal Love and Outgrowing Egocentricity. On Love was written by Gattegno as a personal exploration and as a means of creating a space for reflection and discussion with his readers.

Author: Naftali Rothenberg
Publisher: Academic Studies PRess
Keywords: jewish, canonical, literature, god, woman, love, man, wisdom
Number of Pages: 24
Published: 2009-01
ISBN-10: 1934843296
ISBN-13: 9781934843291

The Wisdom of Love strives to challenge the discrepancy between the way source texts relate to love and the way they are perceived to do so, introducing readers to the extensive, profound, and significant treatment of love in the Jewish canon. This is a book about love, not its repression; it is an opportunity to study the wisdom of love, not those who lack such wisdom and are unlikely to ever acquire it.The Wisdom of Love brings about not only a change in perceptionrecognizing the existence of the wisdom of love per sebut also the realization that this wisdom is the very foundation of religio

Author: Sigi Jöttkandt
Keywords: one, phenomenology, love, first
Number of Pages: 189
Published: 2010-05-01
ISBN-10: 098054405X
ISBN-13: 9780980544053

First Love: A Phenomenology of the One explodes two great myths that remain unquestioned in psychoanalysis and contemporary philosophy: that first love is a love of the mother and, in French philosopher Alain Badiou's phrasing, 'the One is not'. The bold, central argument of the book claims that, with its unprejudiced acceptance of first love as mother love, psychoanalysis is at risk of missing the full potential of its own thought: the existence of an uncounted One as named and held faithful to in the literary tradition.In detailed, sensitive readings of the First Love of Samuel Beckett, Ivan

Author: Raymond Sturgis
Publisher: Raymond Sturgis
Keywords: open, love
Number of Pages: 334
Published: 2010-05-28
ISBN-10: 1450567428
ISBN-13: 9781450567428

Many people have a hard time with love because of past experiences and misinterpretation of love. There are some people that say they love a person just to have sex with them, or keep them from moving on. Love can be beautiful and long lasting if they center their heart and mind on the right path in which this book would help them to achieve. This book tear down past hurts, disappointments and low-esteem and rebuild them into believing that they are BEAUTIFUL, WORTHFUL, and WELL-DESERVING of LOVE. In this book, a person no longer would doubt the person in mirror, or let naysayer's or criticism

Author: Robert M. Gordon, Ph.D.
Publisher: IAPT Press
Keywords: personal, growth, personality, passion, madly, love
Number of Pages: 234
Published: 2008-05-15
ISBN-10: 1419623540
ISBN-13: 9781419623547

What does it take to have a lasting relationship? Dr. Robert Gordon shows that the course of love is fairly predictable based on the personalities and histories of the lovers. Only insight and mutual concern can help change this path. He explains the psychology of romantic love from both personal and professional perspectives. Along the way, he integrates evolutionary psychology, psychoanalysis and social psychology in the context of dramatic stories of love and psychotherapy. Learn how to recognize healthy love relations from relationship killers such as narcissism, defensiveness, and hostili

Author: Praveen Kumar
Publisher: AUTHOR
Keywords: poems, love, english, yours, simply
Number of Pages: 174
Published: 2010-03-11
ISBN-10: 1448985617
ISBN-13: 9781448985616

Love in the love poems of Simply Yours is modeled after Priya Chaitra Tapasvini--the paragon of sublime conscience and conscious moral rectitude, most charming and most wonderful creation of pure beauty, devotion, love and sacrifice ever born in this world; most perfect and prettiest in all worlds. This volume of poetry is lovingly dedicated to that exquisite wonder God has ever created.

Author: Edel Classics Gmbh
Publisher: Edel Germany GmbH
Keywords: vision, sound, romances, love
Number of Pages: 112
Published: 2007-03-30
ISBN-10: 3937406050
ISBN-13: 9783937406053

About Love -- Romances in Sound and Vision When love is in the air, it prickles and aches. It hurts. It burns. Sometimes it makes you feel ill. Often it gets you laughing.This exceptional PHOTO and MUSIC compilation is driven by this crazy little thing called love. ROMANCES IN SOUND AND VISION are made of passion, tenderness, longing, melancholy, desire, satisfaction. Listening to and looking at the EarBook ABOUT LOVE will take you on a trip to a great feeling with all its imperfections.
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