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Author: Unknown
Publisher: Forgotten Books
Keywords: ifugao, kalinga, luzon, northern, hunters, head
Number of Pages: 307
ISBN-10: 1451012276
ISBN-13: 9781451012279

Author: Belen O. Acosta
Publisher: The WorldFish Center
Keywords: philippines, central, center, aquaculture, luzon, state, november, ecija, nueva, university, freshwater, report, pomacea, snail, golden, impact, rice, farming, environmental, summary, systems, workshop
Number of Pages: 42
Published: 1991
ISBN-10: 9711022915
ISBN-13: 9789711022914

Author: Achilles Costales
Publisher: Intl Food Policy Res Inst
Keywords: urban, peri, market, southern, philippines, luzon, expanding, producers, issues, access, affecting, smallholder, hog, scale
Number of Pages: 86
Published: 2006-12
ISBN-10: 0896291596
ISBN-13: 9780896291591

A dramatic increase over the past fifteen years in domestic pork demand and production in the Philippines has created a potentially profitable opportunity for poor rural and agricultural households. In Southern and Central Luzon, the two biggest markets, however, smallholder pig producers hold only a minority share of total production compared to larger commercial farms. This report seeks to assess the scope for smallholders to remain in business by analyzing the relative profitability of small and large farms. Using field data from pig-producing households, the researchers assess the role of

Author: Martin W. Lewis
Publisher: University of California Press
Keywords: cordillera, northern, luzon, degradation, environmental, land, ritual, capital, wagering
Number of Pages: 308
Published: 1992
ISBN-10: 0520072723
ISBN-13: 9780520072725

The persona that Cezanne created for himself in his first decade as a painter contributed to critical dismissal of his early work as the chaotic and emotional outpouring of an unbridled imagination. Subsequent scholarship, both formalist and psychoanalytical in orientation, has tended to sustain this view of the unique and powerful body of work created before Cezanne's introduction to Impressionism in 1872. Mary Tompkins Lewis here assesses Cezanne's first works as a whole, with particular emphasis on the subject paintings, and demonstrates their stylistic and iconographic coherence.

Author: Sadiqul I. Bhuiyan
Publisher: Int. Rice Res. Inst.
Keywords: ricelands, rainfed, systems, reservoir, farm
Number of Pages: 159
Published: 1994
ISBN-10: 9712200663
ISBN-13: 9789712200663

On-farm rainwater storage and conservation system for drought alleviation: Issues and challenges; Hydrological characteristics of on-farm reservoir in rainfed rice-growing areas;Identification of potential areas for usos of the on-farm reservoir sustem for drought alleviation; Decision support model for optimizing economic returns from resource allocation in farms with rainwater storage facilities; Potential of on-farm reservoir use for increasing productivity of rainfed rice areas; The Philippine case; Philippine national program on small farm reservoirs: organization, experiences, and challe
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